The Spanish government Council of Ministers, this Tuesday, has officially declared Tenerife, along with other areas affected by wildfires and floods up until August, as a “catastrophic zone.” This decision comes after devastating wildfires have raged across the island, causing extensive damage estimated at €80.4 million, according to the Tenerife Island Council, the Cabildo de Tenerife.


Spain’s President, Pedro Sánchez, announced during his visit to Tenerife last August 21, the island will be recognised as a “severely affected area due to a civil protection emergency” due to the ongoing wildfires that have still yet to be brought fully under control.

The emergency has led to the destruction of an estimated 14,700 hectares of land, including 635 hectares of agricultural land, resulting in losses of up to €11.3 million in the agricultural sector.

The declaration of a “catastrophic zone” includes various measures, such as financial aid to mitigate damages to homes and economic activities, compensation to local authorities for expenses incurred, and tax incentives.

According to the Cabildo de Tenerife, the losses are estimated at around €80 million, with the majority in areas of Natural Environment, Sustainability, Security, and Emergencies (amounting to some €64 million), followed by Industry, Commerce, Primary Sector, and Animal Welfare (€14.2 million), and Mobility (€2.1 million).

Valentín González, the councillor for the Primary Sector and Animal Welfare, highlighted the significant impact on the agricultural sector, with losses of €11.3 million estimated. Additionally, economic activities, such as business closures and cleanup efforts, have suffered losses of approximately €3 million.

The agricultural sector has seen damage to 635 hectares of land, affecting crops like chestnuts and fruit trees, as well as critical hydraulic infrastructure.

In the livestock sector, losses and damages amount to €1.5 million, primarily affecting stables, farm buildings, and dairy and cheese production due to evacuation processes.

This declaration as a “catastrophic zone” is crucial for facilitating support and assistance to recover from the extensive damage caused by the wildfires on the island of Tenerife.