At last something like leadership as Mogán town hall condemns all violence and incitement of hatred, in particular the angry mob who visited the apartment complex yesterday where migrants, unconnected to the original events, are being temporarily accommodated.

They used the opportunity to remind everyone that the local mayor has given an ultimatum and plans to try to fine any hotel that still has migrants staying after December 31. Coincidentally, also the date originally agreed and signed by the hotels with the Spanish Government and the Red Cross back in September when they agreed to work together to resolve the migrant camp crisis on Arguineguín dock.

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The Mogán Town Council condemns the use of violence as well as any speech that incites hatred and, therefore, the incidents that occurred during the morning of yesterday, Saturday, December 12, in Arguineguín, where a group of residents decided to go to the doors of one of the hotel complexes that house migrants to express their disagreement with their stay there days after an alleged altercation between a group of migrants and a young man from the town occurred:

The mayor of Mogán and the local government group reject the methods used by the residents participating in this episode and ask both these and the rest of the population of the municipality to act responsibly and to remain calm.

The Moganera council is aware that the situation is complex and that this outbreak of irritation may be the effect of more than four months of tension accumulated by neighbors since the migratory crisis began. However, this does not justify what happened. Violence and hatred are never the answer.

The Consistory continues working to ensure that tourist areas recover their natural activity and thus restart tourism, the main economic engine of the island, since almost 80% of the direct and indirect jobs of the Canaries depend on it.

The mayoress has already communicated to the apartment complexes and hotels in the municipality that host migrants that they must cease the function of reception centers on December 31. Otherwise, a sanctioning file will be opened for non-compliance with laws such as 2/2013, of May 20, for the renewal and modernization of tourism in the Canary Islands, 7/1995, for the Canary Islands Tourism Organization, or 4/2017, of July 13, on Land and Protected Natural Areas of the Canary Islands. The mayor asks the State that the migrant persons housed in tourist facilities be relocated to other public facilities that are duly equipped.

More information: Ayuntamiento-de-mogan-condena-el-uso-de-cualquier-tipo-de-violencia-e-incitacion-al -I hate-and-call-the-calm-of-the-neighbors-and-neighbors