Wednesday, 1st of November 2023 is a National bank holiday throughout Spain. Government buildings, offices and banks will be closed, including some of the Shopping centres and stores, so it’s a good idea to double check opening hours before planning a shopping trip, particularly outside the tourist zones.


Chesnut Tree. Photo by Love Gran Canaria

The 31st of October has long been celebrated here in The Canary Islands. A most traditional celebration where families gather and tell each other stories of family members long departed, ancestors of note, parents, grandparents and the occasional spooky ghost story.  Of course, US influences have seeped in over recent years, but the more traditional Canarians have always seen this as a great opportunity to reconnect with the past and munch on sweet chestnuts, freshly roasted over open fires, as each community gathers together to celebrate mid-autumn and remember their family tree.

Whether it is the Christian Fiesta de Todos los Santos, the more pagan Halloween from which it comes, All Saints eve, All Hallows’ Eve, the Canarian Noche de Finaos, which may well have led to the Mexican Day of the Dead, or simply the Fiesta de la Castaña (the chestnut party) there are plenty of seasonal celebrations going on this Tuesday night all around Gran Canaria.

These days it’s all a mix of traditions and commercial activities here and if it encourages a night out, many bars and restaurants will do their best to entertain and to frighten, so dressing up is ALWAYS encouraged!


The Canary Guide


Tuesday 31 October: Trick or Treat at 18:00 and terrifying Halloween parade at 19:30


The El Mocán Folkloric and Cultural Association, with the collaboration of the Mogán Town Council through its Artistic Schools (EEAA), organises the Noche de Finaos on Tuesday, October 31.

Starting at 20:00 in the Plaza Sarmiento y Coto with the popular chestnut barbecue, theatrical performance, and traditional live music.

The smell of roasted chestnuts will begin to permeate this old Mogan enclave around 20:00. A Canarian tradition prior to the All Saints’ festivity with the participation of the EEAA Theatre Class of Mogán, which will bring those present closer to the history of this custom in an artistic way. Likewise, the EEAA Folklore Class, which includes the Arguín, Los Pescadores, Guayajares and Veneguera parrandas, and the EEAA Folklore Dance Class, aim to delight you with traditional songs and dances of the archipelago.



Noche de Finaos”- festivities organised by the Town Hall on Tuesday, 31 October:

🎃 Tablero
: Plaza de Pepe de Barbero starting at 20:00

🎃 Fataga
: Centro Intergeneracional from 19:00

🎃 Castillo del Romeral: Cultural Centre from 19:00

🎃 Tunte: Plaza Tenderetunte from 18:00



San Lorenzo hosts the celebration of its traditional Noche de Finaos on 31 October, going on for twelve years, starting at 21:30 in the Plaza de San Lorenzo.

This event has become one of the most anticipated and popular on the autumn calendar of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which is why the plaza will host musical performances of the A.F. Susurros Isleños with Parranda El Lebrillo and the A.F. Roque Nublo,  celebrating their 70th founding anniversary.

There will be no shortage of traditional roasted chestnuts, this year 250 kg from Cáceres, toasted gofio, stallions, typical of the area, and buchito de anise or honey rum, to everyone’s taste. And new this year, it will host a craft exhibition from 20:30 to 22:30 with five FEDAC artisans.












Celebrate Noche de Finaos in the heart of Vegueta, which will transport us in time with the Dragos y Laurel Association and through the music of Los Gofiones with a dance in the Plaza de Sta. Ana, with the flavour of chestnuts, corn🌽 and anise.

«Ánimas, a walk through history on the night of the dead» | Canarian Institute of Traditions and Los Gofiones. Vegueta and Plaza Santa Ana. Tuesday, October 31. at 21:00 and 22:00.
A (Spanish language) dramatised route through the streets and squares of the historic centre, thanks to the participation of the Dragos y Laurel Association, to learn, first-hand, the ways and customs of Canarian society of yesteryear regarding death, pine grills and chestnuts, and a concert by Los Gofiones at 22:00 will liven up the eve of All Souls’ Day.









The Shopping Area Triana will have family activities! 🦇
From 17:30 to 20:30 enjoy spooky workshops, activities and shows
Additionally, this year the little ones in the house can come dressed up to the event and take the “Trick or Treat” route through the establishments 🎃
Rafaellillo Conde Clown spectacle “Vampiro Vegetariano” at Plaza de las Ranas at 17:30 and at 20:30.
Sing and play at Triana 20, from 18:30-19:30



The Miller building will be the epicentre of an authentic Halloween festival with workshops, cosplayers, freak movies, exhibitions, Artist Alley, contests and talks, among other proposals. Access to the venue will have a single price of 5 euros and the ticket will give the opportunity to enjoy everything that will happen in that room from 10:00 to 01:00.








CENTRO COMERCIAL ALISIOS, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:

Train of Terror from 17:00-19:00, Halloween workshops from 17:00-20:00, and bouncy castles 17:00-20:00.
Shops closed on 1 November, leisure areas open.

CENTRO COMERCIAL LAS ARENAS is open on Wednesday 1 November



Noche de Finaos on Tuesday 31 October at Plaza de San Juan from 20:00  

at 20:00 Baile de Finaos in Rincón Pácido Fleitas
Grupo de Monitores, Parranda la Polvajera and Pattanda el Mejunje

at 21:30 Street Theatre at Plaza de San Juan

at 22:30 Music at Plaza de San Juan
Arkano vs. Yeray Rodríguez + Darío Oópez

at 00:00 Concert by Baboleo at Plaza de San Juan















Tuesday, 31 October 17:00-20:00 Terrifying Photocall, visit of Halloween Characters, Children’s Workshop; 🎃 Create your Pumpkin Basket, Face Painting, Costume Pass (come in disguised and get a bag of candy)
Closed on 1 November


Santa Brígida is celebrating Finaos Night, a popular festival that takes place on All Saints’ Eve, October 31, and whose origin dates back to the times in which daily life was intricately linked to the land and pastoralism, and families shared stories of departed loved ones.

Finaos festival was recovered in the municipality in 1999 with the aim of preserving the memory and identity of the place, in contrast to foreign influences such as Halloween. A celebration that continues to be possible thanks to the commitment and effort of the neighbourhood and sociocultural associations of the town, as well as local winegrowers.

The events scheduled will begin around 17:00 and will last until midnight around the town centre. In the municipal park, the party will end at 01:00.

Children’s workshops:
The Children’s Workshops will open the day at 17:00 in the Youth Space, where boys and girls will enjoy Makeup and Costumes activities.

Noche de Bodas‘: ‘Wedding Night ‘:

In two sessions (at 19:30 and 20:30), a theatrical route along Calle Calvario will take place under the direction of Gustavo Mendoza and Pessada Producciones. Four actors will perform a version of Lorca’s ‘Blood Wedding’, a play that explores universal themes such as love, passion, tradition, and violence, and which takes place in a rural environment in which two feuding families agree to a wedding between their children to end the long dispute.

‘Wedding Night’ will be staged in a third showing in the Municipal Park at 21:30.

A street parade with a music band will run through the streets of the town’s historic centre starting at 20:00 livening up the night.

Labyrinth of Terror:
The plan full of terror where the protagonists will be young people between 18 and 30 years of age. Entry to the labyrinth is free and spirits will torment you along the way.

Bring your spookiest costume, the best ones will get a prize. So, get ready for a terrifying experience! The meeting, organised by Gran Canaria Joven, starts at 20:00 in the Plaza de la Iglesia.

Horror Cinema:
The fear of the unknown and inexplicable is the central element of this cinematographic event. At 20:30, the Cultural Center of the Village will host a day of horror films, a genre that uses the atmosphere of this date to screen films that explore the macabre, the supernatural and the deepest fears of human beings.
At 22:30, a second Horror Film screening will take place.

Roasted Chestnuts :
Starting at 21:00, the associations will have already prepared their facilities in different tents in the Municipal Park, where the municipal stalls and warehouses will be located.
Throughout the night, 500 kilos of roasted chestnuts, 500 corns and about 50 kilos of walnuts will be offered free of charge, and apples, anise, and typical pastries will be distributed. Of course, there will be no shortage of wine, a representative symbol of the municipality, along with other local delicacies.

This ancient tradition that continues to be relevant today, in which oral narrators honor the deceased and play a fundamental role in the transmission of stories, will travel down Calle Calvario Street starting at 21:30.

Folk performances :
At 22:00 folkloric performances in the Municipal Park, to enjoy cultural traditions in a pleasant, open-air environment.




The House of Terror returns to Agaete, which will be held on October 31 (19:00 to 00:00) and November 1 (19:00 to 22:00) at the Villa’s Cultural Centre.

This activity, produced by Pessada Producciones and organised by Acude Cultura and the Agaete Town Council through the Department of Culture, Historical Heritage and Festivals directed by Deputy Mayor Candy Mendoza Saavedra, will have tickets available through the reserva online platform, at the price of 4 euros.

An old sanatorium locks behind its walls the forgotten nightmares of a dark time. Throughout the night, elusive shadows and ghostly figures emerge from the darkness.

The tormented spirits of those who suffered in silence seek revenge, while the spectres of sadistic doctors lurk in the shadows, eager to continue their evil experiments. Will the visitors try to escape before their souls merge with the shadows of the past, or will they join the eternal chorus of lamentations that fill its hallways?


Valsequillo celebrates Noche de Finaos in the neighbourhood of Tenteniguada.

The Friends of Tenteniguada Association has prepared a “Finao Popular” on Tuesday.

A meeting with neighbours to share prickly pears, chestnuts, apples and a popular barbecue of chestnuts and corn. A night marked by tradition in which there will be no shortage of Canarian music performed by the Medio Jigo Pa’l Kilo party, the Amigos Isleños party and the students and teachers of the Folklore Department of the Municipal Artistic Schools of Valsequillo.

A night in which tradition meets more modern trends with Halloween night. An event held by the Tenteniguada Cultural Association that, this year, will turn the streets of the neighbourhood into an improvised stage in which, on any corner, you can find everything from zombies to exorcist girls. An edition of which entrance is only three euros and the first showing will begin at 21:00.

at 18:30 Children’s activities
at 21:00 “Halloween Night” by Cultural association of Tenteniguada
at 21:00 popular barbecue of chestnuts and corn with entertainment by ‘Los Amigos de Tenteniguada.’
The night is enlivened by music from several music groups.