A suspected small-time drug dealer has been arrested in the popular tourist town of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria after having been found in possession of fifteen packets of cocaine and two pieces of what is thought to be hashish, all divided into individual doses and ready for sale.


The incident occurred near the nightlife and leisure area of the Puerto Rico Shopping Center, where businesses owners and tourists have reported time and again organised groups who at times, often late at night, seem to roam the shopping centre with impunity repeatedly offering people drugs. The man reportedly attempted to flee from the police officers, even going as far as pushing one of them to try to get away.

The officers, who were conducting routine patrols in the area, say they noticed the man exiting the Puerto Rico Shopping Center. Upon seeing their police vehicle, he slowed down and allegedly tried to hide a package in a flowerbed. The officers then intercepted him and requested identification. At that moment, the man pushed one of the officers and ran through several streets until he was eventually apprehended in the Puerto Rico Urban Park.

Despite the fact that Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria along with all the resort towns on the island are some of the safest places to visit and spend leisure time, at any time day or night, there has been a growing number of reports from tourists, particularly those with families, who say they are too often approached by complete strangers to be offered recreational drugs. Everybody knows that illegal drugs are more prominent in night-time economies, the world over, but there is a danger that left unchecked this adversely affects the long-standing tourism built up here over the course of more than half a century of family holidays.

Business owners in Puerto Rico have been aware for quite some time that various groups of individuals appear to work together to evade detection, leading to a situation where several known repeat offenders seem to think that they can act with impunity, in the knowledge that by the time the police respond to any report they will have moved on to another place.

Earlier this year things got out of hand when two rival individuals ended up in an open brawl in the street, where one of them died from having his head stomped on. 

A well-known tik-toker was approached at the lower centre while filming a live video for her hundreds of thousands of fans, and despite the dealer in question realising she was on a live video he continue to offer her some sort of illicit substance, which she politely declined.

However these low level dealers are really only a small part of the problem, with many long-term residents often voicing suspicion that there are pay-offs, back-handers and corruption involved in an ever more visible drugs trade. It’s great to see the Policia Local acting decisively, though there will be those who think they need to be doing that a lot more frequently and helping to protect livelihoods and visitors from undesirable characters roaming our streets and bothering people inappropriately.

If you ever feel unsafe when approached by a stranger you can call the emergency number 112, they speak your language.

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