A rather infamous and, you might even say, outspoken Tiktoker landed in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria for a holiday last week.  With her outlandish catchphrase “Roots darling, roots!” and a bombastic attitude on full display, Chelsea Lee Arts is not, shall we say, everybody’s cup of tea; though she can boast more than 4m likes on the video sharing platform.  She is certainly a larger than life personality in many ways who, according to some reports, struggles with bipolar issues, and say some, her mental health.  But hey, doesn’t everyone, at least sometimes?¿.



We’ve not had the pleasure yet, but we’ve seen some of her creative content, and though she is certainly irreverent, displaying few boundaries, she also embraces an extraordinary ability to cut to the chase.  In many ways she might be construed as laughing, when not crying, about all the little lies that polite society tends to tell ourselves and each other.  She just does not really seem to have the time for it. In fact most of the time she could not give a flying fig what people want to think about her.

She is body positive, sex positive, people positive and loud with it.  Occasionally taken to being abusive, you may think twice about bringing her to your granny’s, but then if your granny is anything like mine, there is probably not much she hasn’t seen in her time.

Take CLA’s recent experience at the Puerto Rico Shopping Center, while doing a live broadcast, as she so often does, enjoyed by tens of thousands of rubber-neckers across the world, who enjoy her unique brand of hand-held, home-grown, car-crash-television on-the-fly.  While wandering, of an evening, through the recently refurbished and updated leisure centre at the heart of this popular tourist resort town she was stopped unexpectedly by a young man,

“Hello” she says, “did you want to talk to me?” he seems to start to flirt with her, asking “Where are you from?”, noticing she is on a livecast, he does a little dance in front of the camera “Oh! You have Live. 6k” and she confirms, “Yes absolutely sweetheart” continuing with her usual style of off-the-cuff presentation she asks him “Are you Moroccan or are you Spanish?” but then things turn a little more serious, as she points the camera back to herself, its usual and rightful direction, while still being recorded, he asks her “How much, how much do you want?”

All of this is occurring while another TikToker, Goggletock’s Tyrone, is munching on fried chicken and slaw as he joins the broadcast from his studio, she fires back, looking the stranger up and down, “What do you mean, how much?” Off camera he shows her what he is selling, and a little disappointedly she says to him “Are you crazy! No I don’t do that”, she looks at the camera and honestly advises him “thank you very much, but you shouldn’t do that, its really bad for you.”

As the stranger tries to persuade her, she is assertive “yeah, no I only smoke the green”, glancing at the camera, while Tyrone, who has now put down his fried chicken, eyes bulging, exclaims “did he just ask her How Much?”

So CLA and her would-be dealer, now back in the frame, return to their starting point of having a little flirt “Yeah I know I am sexy, you’re sexy” and the stranger responds “Sexy banana” as he wiggles his hips a little and she laughs off the audacity of it all. 

Such are the nights in Puerto Rico for a bombastic tiktoker with more than 400,000 fans worldwide… meanwhile some locals are wondering will anyone report this dealer caught on film to the local Guardia Civil and might they find him holed up at her holiday apartment?  Drug dealing, as with all nightspots and holiday resorts, has been flagged in recent times as being far too blatant, with street dealers appearing to act with impunity; yet here we have some clear evidence of an individual approaching a tourist, who just happened to be live at the time, and that still did not deter him.  We’d love to see more videos of these street dealers who appear to be able to consistently evade the police in Puerto Rico, and perhaps to find out how it is that we never hear of any consequences. 

None the less, our visiting tiktoker was not phased in the slightest.  Word has it, Chelsea may have taken a holiday romance home for a few days to give him a lot more than he bargained for… “He has the biggest…”

Whether you love her or you are weirded out or scared of her, you have got to admit, she does not take prisoners (except perhaps the young stanger she picked up at the beach, live on camera), she speaks her mind (irregardless of its content) and presents herself fully to the world, no holds barred.  It’s pretty god damn admirable in many respects.  Loud, bombastic, call her what you will, she is her own real version of herself and dedicated to keeping it as real as she can, this week she’s been on the beaches of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria.  A little birdie tells us she’s already off to another island… so perhaps we’ll see if we can find her new friend and ask him how he fared with such a powerhouse of user generated spectacle and garish frankness. “I’m tiktok famous, don’t talk to me, cus I don’t like you”

Fair enough. We’ll let you know if we hear more… until then “Absolute Nostrils!”

Well it is sort of the way she portrays herself!
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