The long easter weekend always brings large numbers of young Canarians and families heading south from across the island to enjoy the beaches and a little staycation time. This year has really been no different in that respect, along with occasionally silly drivers who, in their excitement, do not always appreciate that the normal rules of the road still apply, such as this surf board error caught on camera.


The Guardia Civil Traffico have been trying to identify the driver of a vehicle that drove this Thursday on the GC-1 carrying an irregularly shaped item in the back. Another driver who was following the car on the highway that connects the capital of Gran Canaria with the south of the island captured images of the vehicle in a video, which has been shared across social networks.


Guardia Civil on Gran Canaria are looking for the driver of a car, heading south on the main GC1 motorway, who appears to have misunderstood the requirements for carrying a surfboard in a small car…

Posted by TheCanary.TV on Friday, April 2, 2021

In the short video you can see the car carrying a surf board, however not on the regulation roof rack needed for a car of such small dimension, but instead simply across the back seats and with the ends dangerously protruding from both sides of the vehicle. A surf board error that could well result in a fine.

The images were taken on the GC-1, heading south, at the section between the Gran Canaria Airport and the exit to Carrizal de Ingenio.

Drivers are also reminded that you can be fined for even touching your mobile phone whilst in charge of a moving vehicle, so the driver who caught this video may also find themselves being cautioned if it becomes clear who it was who made the video.  All concentration should be on the road while driving, if you need to capture an image you should either have a passenger to it, or make sure you are using a proper dashcam set up, so that you do not need to hold your mobile while driving.