The Civil Guard on Gran Canaria has confirmed this evening autopsy results recording the death of a 32-year-old Northern Irish national, named by the Belfast Telegraph as Dean Dobbin, as an accident. The discovery of Dobbin’s body in a popular tourist complex, on the south of the island, has been met with a wave of condolences and reflections on the fragility of life. The Guardia Civil will no doubt continue with their investigation into the final hours leading up to the incident, where the man apparently suffered some form of seizure, following a few nights out, before collapsing and causing the injury that left him on the floor of the apartment in which he was staying.


The autopsy findings, released this Wednesday, corroborate the initial suspicions of authorities, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding Dobbin’s untimely passing. A meticulous examination, conducted following the discovery of his body in the popular resort, has provided clarity on the cause of death, offering some closure to both investigators and Dobbin’s grieving loved ones.

The Belfast Telegraph’s having identified Dobbin further humanises the incident, highlighting the personal tragedy behind the headlines. As his community mourns his loss South Down MLA Colin McGrath has offered his condolences to grieving family and friends.

“This will come as devastating news and will be compounded by the difficulty of it happening overseas,” he said.

“It is never easy to lose a loved one, but to see a young life cut short in such circumstances is unimaginable.

“I understand that an investigation is underway into the circumstances of the man’s death and the family must be kept updated at this difficult time and receive the necessary help and support.

“I hope that he can be returned to Downpatrick as soon as possible so his family can lay him to rest.

“I know that people in this area will rally around the family as they come to terms with their loss and my heart goes out to them.”

With funeral arrangements pending confirmation, the outpouring of support from Dobbin’s hometown of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, underscores the depth of sorrow felt by those who knew the young many of just 32.

As Gran Canaria grapples with the aftermath of the somber event,  confirmation of the accidental nature of Dobbin’s death marks a pivotal moment in the investigative process. While questions may linger, regarding the ready availability and nature or recreational drugs in the tourist resort, the autopsy results provide crucial insights into the circumstances surrounding his passing, it is hoped offering a measure of closure to those touched by this tragic loss.