A man accused of having, allegedly, held a woman in Mogán during the state of alarm, against her will and wilfully engaging in her sexually abuse, confessed this Tuesday to being guilty as charged. The man acknowledged that he had taken the victim into his home, knowing that she was in a vulnerable situation, after having had problems with her partner, and that he took advantage of her, even engaging in non-consensual sex.


The accused, Walter RT, told Section VI of the Provincial Court of Las Palmas during the hearing that he had beat his victim on several occasions, a woman whom he had invited to live in his house while her situation was unresolved, and that he would lock her in the room where they both slept when he went out. Likewise, he admitted that he had vaginally penetrated her against her will on one occasion, in April 2020, despite her refusals. When asked by the Public Prosecutor about the reason for this behaviour, the man did not know how to answer what had motivated him.

For her part, the victim detailed how the events had unfolded during the months she spent in his home, whom she had known for several years. According to her testimony, she asked the defendant if she could stay in his house because her situation “was complicated” at the time, having problems with the partner with whom she lived. “From the beginning, he forced me to shower with him and locked me in the room where we slept,” she explained to the court, to which she also reported that he had constantly threatened her to prevent her from leaving the apartment.

On April 20, 2020, while she was in bed and about to go to sleep, the defendant entered the room “visibly agitated” and forced her to have sex with him. “He told me that he was going to have sex with me,” she said, overwhelmed: “Really, I did not want to, nor did I ever want to have sex with him.” The man grabbed her neck to prevent her from getting away and penetrated her vaginally. “Many of his behaviours towards me were very aggressive, because I asked him to let me out of the room and told him that I wanted to leave,” she explained when asked by his lawyer.

Prosecution reduces sentence sought in exchange for admission of guilt
Due to acknowledgment of the facts by the accused, the Prosecutor’s Office agreed to modify its brief of provisional conclusions to allow for reductions in sentencing with respect to the initial petitions. The court was asked, with the agreement of both the private prosecution and the defence, to sentence the rapist to one year in prison for a crime against moral integrity, four more years for illegal detention and six years of imprisonment for the sexual assault. In total, requesting eleven years in prison, reduced from the 18 years that the prosecution had originally sought.

Other prosecution requests were also upheld, such as a restraining order regarding the victim, and the guilty man’s participation in sex education programs for eight years, once he is released from prison; and they had also asked that the man compensate the woman in the amount of €50,000 for the moral damages caused.

Walter RT, who already has a prior police record for further crimes of sexual cyberbullying or children, sexual assault, prostitution and corruption of minors, accepted the penalties requested, so the trial moved to sentencing, which will be issued in the next few days based on the terms agreed by the parties involved.



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