It’s the middle of November and Gran Canaria has been enjoying temperatures more typical of summer than of the middle of Autumn. The balmy sunshine looks set to continue for a few more days this week across the Canary Islands, while Calima haze is expected to trap some of that heat, forecasts suggest the temperatures may well drop by then end of the week and there is a distinct possibility of rainfall, so it could well be time to dust off the umbrella, just incase the prediction of Spain’s State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) holds true.
The week started with clear skies in general, some wispy cloudy intervals on the north coasts on Monday with temperatures rising generally, though slight decreases have been detected from the east. Light winds from the weak east and from the moderate northeast have included a more southerly element inland and in the highlands. Daytime highs in the shade of around 30ºC

This Tuesday the situation is pretty similar with mainly clear skies and some intervals of high cloud as well as the probability of light Calima haze. Temperatures should experience no real changes or may be slightly lower. Light to moderate northeast winds.

Clear skies are expected on Wednesday, generally clear with light haze across the eastern islands subsiding during the day. Temperatures will see few changes. Light to moderate northeast winds.

AEMET predict no more Calima by Thursday and generally clear skies with some intervals of high clouds. Temperatures seeing few changes or in slight decline. Light to moderate northeast winds.

Temperatures will begin to drop, however, on Friday, with rains expected on the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Skies will be cloudy to the north of the Islands and the trade winds will be prevalent from the North East. Daytime highs of around 25ºC

Weather for the weekend
This weekend (November 19 and 20) and into next week, cloudy skies or cloudy intervals are expected in several places. Rainfall will likely occur on the islands over the weekend, especially on the islands with more prominent profiles. Temperatures will drop on Saturday without significant changes to wind or rainfall. Trade winds will continue to bring cooler weather over the weekend with light breezes beginning the week to follow.


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