A Ghanaian citizen, named as Joseph A., who was attacked at the end of last December by another foreigner in the corridors of a commercial centre in Puerto Rico, has died at the Insular Hospital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he was admitted after the event .

An autopsy will attempt to determine the causes of his death. If the man’s death is thought to be related to the punch he received from a 29-year-old man of foreign nationality, reported to have the initials BIA, who is currently being held on remand for a crime of injury, the judge could accuse him of this same crime leading to the death of the victim. A manslaughter charge.

The events took place at dawn on December 31 when Joseph A. was caught up in an angry dispute with BIA and two other people, both women. In the images recorded by a security camera you can see how the victim argues with the two women and during the argument bangs his fists on a table. Immediately following, the aggressor, almost without saying a word of warning, punches him in the face and the assaulted man falls to the ground.

The people who were involved in the altercation, and others who witnessed the scene, then ignored the assaulted man, who lay on the floor unconscious due to the heavy blow he had received. The Civil Guard in Puerto Rico-Mogán began an investigation to try to identify all those involved in what happened.

The agents proceeded to arrest the perpetrator of the assault, a 29-year-old man whom the judge decided to send to prison for a crime of injury. Likewise, two women were identified, identified with the initials LAP and ZC, both also of foreign nationality, for an offense of failing in their duty to assist the fallen man, according to reports from official statements.

The investigations continued by trying to locate two other people who also appeared in the security video. Over recent days, the Guardia Civil managed to discover the whereabouts of both, who are now also being investigated for the same crime of failing to assist, according to sources within the Civil Guard.