This Monday it was announced that the crime rate fell in the Canary Islands, in 2021, to now stand at 37.4 criminal offences per 1,000 population, the lowest figure in the last decade, ten points below the 2010 data, which the National Police commanders and Civil Guard have put down to the “good performance of their troops.”


This places the Canary Islands almost four points below the national average, of 41.3 criminal offences per 1,000 inhabitants, although the realities of the two provinces of the archipelago are very different.  Robberies with violence are one area where numbers have grown since last year.

While in Santa Cruz de Tenerife now reflects an average total of 33.3 criminal offences per 1,000 people, in Las Palmas that number rises to 41.2 crimes per 100,000.  

Spain’s Government delegate in the Canary Islands, Anselmo Pestana, highlighted at a presentation of the data that on the islands there was a record in cases closed last year, 52.8%, which shows that this region is one of the safest in a country, Spain, which is also safe in the European context.