This Thursday the Policia Local in Mogán there were six potentially dangerous dogs confiscated, from two people who lived with the animals in an apartment building in Playa del Cura on the south west coast of Gran Canaria. The owners had previously received disciplinary proceedings for having potentially dangerous dogs, without the requisite license, and for failing to comply with the obligation to microchip them for census registration, as specified in the Mogán Council bylaws.


Two Police agents appeared this morning at the house to inform the owners of the dogs that the potentially dangerous dogs would be seized preventively, without prejudice to the resolution of the sanctioning file. The animals, according to sources at the town hall, will be allowed to return with the two people involved, so long as the events that led to the seizure are resolved.

The Local Police, with the Councillor for Health, Juan Carlos Ortega, an advisor on this matter, Rayco Guerra, and staff from the Town Hall, transferred the dogs to the municipal animal shelter located in Motor Grande (Puerto Rico).