A kayaker made a discovery on a Saturday afternoon, finding a series of bags that contained bone remains, in a small inlet along the coast of El Pajar, which is located on the southwest of Gran Canaria, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. The location was not accessible by land. The incident prompted officers from the National Police, headquartered at Maspalomas, and the local police of the southern municipality to respond.


Upon arriving at the small inlet, officers uncovered bone remains that appear to be human. The Investigating Court has ordered the collection of the bones and their transfer to the Institute of Legal Medicine. The purpose of this is to determine whether these remains are of human or animal origin.

The inlet is situated below the Lomo Galeón settlement, along the coast of the town of El Pajar. Both possibilities – human or animal origin – are being considered, as this is an area known to be associated with the practice of Santería, a religious tradition, often characterised by the exercise of blood sacrifice.