The dangerous car chase driver who was pursued by Guardia Civil for nearly ten minutes last Friday, has been imprisoned for a previous outstanding conviction, having already been prosecuted for violence, causing aggravated injuries and abuse. The woman, who does not have a driving license, is now also facing reckless driving charges for the for trying to evade police, in dramatic scenes caught on camera.  She has so far refused to admit responsibility despite the events being recorded on video dash-cam by the Guardia Civil Tráfico agents who were chasing after her.


The detainee is accused of reckless driving, and as she has not officially recognised the facts, nor agreed to be penalised under the traffic laws, the matter has gone to criminal court, according to a report from the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands. The 33-year-old driver, whom the Civil Guard have denounced and charged for reckless driving;  disobedience and resistance before an agent of authority; for driving without a permit; and for theft of a motor vehicle, has been jailed pending further action as there was also an outstanding warrant, from a court in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, due to her conviction for violence with injuries and aggravating circumstances of serious abuse.

One Civil Guard Association has praised the use of the dashcam to record from inside the vehicle that followed her manoeuvres, using the spectacular incident to demand increased use of such technologies. The AUGC statement said that Guardia Civil similar tools  “should be facilitated in all actions, providing them with video recording devices, incorporated both in cars and in uniforms.” It would be “a proof of their work and also as a safeguard of the rights of citizens.” In addition, he hopes the two officials are congratulated on their performance.