This Saturday morning, August 13, at around 9am a head on collision on the entry road to Arguineguín, on the south west of Gran Canaria, left a Mapfre tow truck (grua) and a Mercedes very badly damaged.

The impact caused significant damage to the driver’s side of the tow truck, and appears to have written off the Mercedes which was travelling in the other direction. From the amount of damage it appears that at least one or both vehicles were travelling at some speed. Fortunately, neither of the drivers were seriously injured, according to reports, although they were both evacuated by ambulance to the Hospital Insular in Las Palmas.

Eye witnesses say that the car appeared to be travelling at some speed, and was seen weaving across on to the wrong side of the road prior to the impact.  The grua driver appeared to brake and slow down, but the Mercedez did not, and although the driver tried to avoid the truck, the vehicle struck its side with considerable force, according to sources, enough to snap the seat belt protecting the truck driver, who after an initial check at the hospital was released without serious injury.  Early reports suggest that the Mercedez driver had suffered a bout of extreme dizziness just prior to the crash, and that she has remained under observation at the hospital.

The incident generated long tailbacks in the area, while the Guardia Civil traffic police investigated the scene so as to establish the facts.