A firefighter on  Gran Canaria was injured yesterday while trying to save a citizen in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria from some metal roofing falling on him during high winds. The firefighter himself has multiple fractures, to his back, arms and shoulder, while the citizen managed to escape with just a nasty scare thanks to the action of the firefighter.

The piece of metal was ripped from a roof in Puerto Rico (part of the “activity park canarias”) by winds gusting to nearly 90km/h. Firefighters had been called to the scene due to concerns over parts of the building coming loose,  firefighters began to make a security perimeter and then proceeded to remove the roofing panels but as they did the wind lifted another of the sections, which travelled directly towards a bystander who was in the area at that time and one of the firefighters, when he noticed, put himself in harms way, shielding the member of the public and taking the full brunt of the debris travelling at high speed, according to reports from the Gran Canaria Emergency Consortium .