Temperatures rose above 37ºC in the shade on Monday, with the arrival of calima, though have now dropped a little to 30ºC measured in Tasarte this Thursday, in the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicolás, and just over 28ºC on the south of the island. Yellow advisory warnings were issued for coastal phenomena and strong winds of almost 90 km per hour in the early afternoon, which remain in effect for the early hours of Friday.


According to Spain’s State Meteorological Agency, AEMET, to the north we can expect a little cloud on Friday, with clear skies expected across the rest of the island and temperatures will remain higher than normal for this time of year.

High altitude calima is expected this Friday across the Canary Islands, say AEMET.

At sea force 5 or 6 northeasterly winds are expected, occasionally gusting to force 7 offshore on the northwest and southeast, 4 or 5 elsewhere, and slightly less near the coast to the northeast. Rough seas, with swell of 2 meters on the west coast.

Cloudy skies to the north and east will tend toward cloudy intervals throughout the day, elsewhere should be clear. Temperatures will continue back towards normal for this time of year. Northeast winds with strong intervals during the early morning in low areas of the southeast and on northwest slopes, tending toward moderate winds in the second half of the day. At the summits, northeast winds from the early hours. With breezes expected on the north and southwest coasts.

On Saturday, things could heat up once again, with some cloudy skies, to the north, particularly in the earlier and later parts of the day, expecting moderate northeasterly winds.

On Sunday, temperatures will remain similar, with clear skies in most places.

The longer range forecast predicts the potential for a little rainfall in the more mountainous areas from Tuesday, with northerly winds and increasing cloudiness on Wednesday, and a probability of rain from Thursday that could even take the form of isolated showers. Temperatures are also expected to decrease, while trade winds continue to blow.