There is always a grand set of events across the island at this time of the year, with two of the most popular traditional annual celebrations on Gran Canaria happening back to back this weekend. The festive days began on Thursday in pretty little merchant town of Teror with the main harvest Romería pilgramage for the island, an offering in honour of the patron saint of Gran Canaria, Our Lady of the Pine with 22 carts carrying summer produce, representing all the municipalities on the island and the main Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

Exceptionally, once again 😉, this edition of weekend tips continues until Monday, 11 September due the famous patronal festivities in the westernmost town of La Aldea and the epic spectacle of El Charco.

There are also patrons’ festivities taking place also in Tejeda and San Mateo, among others. The little farmers’ market, set up in the tourist enclave of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, is back again, after a summer break, this Sunday.

Friday, 8 September is the main date to celebrate the revered patron saint of Gran Canaria. This is a bank holiday on Gran Canaria, so a long weekend planned for many.  Government buildings, banks and most non-tourism oriented shops will be closed.

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Upcoming events:

16 September • Wine & Tapas Night in Playa de Mogán
16-17 September • Festival Sardina Viva 2023 in Gáldar
22–24 September • LPA Beer & Music Festival
29 September-28 October • Masdanza 2023 (7 October Masdanza at Dunas viewpoint)
22-23 September • Worlds Beer Festival in Arucas
30 September • Collectables Fair of Vegueta, LPA
30 September-1 October • Km.0 Fair Gran Canaria in Ingenio
30 September -1 October • Festival Costa Norte in Moya
6-8 October • Big Bang Vintage Festival in LPA

Upcoming bank holidays:

Friday 8 September – Gran Canaria bank holiday, Our Lady of the Pine (Fiestas del Pino)
Monday 11 September – local bank holiday in La Aldea de San Nicolás
Thursday 14 September – local bank holiday in Artenara
Thursday 21 September – local bank holiday in Vega de San Mateo
Friday 29 September – local bank holiday in Valsequillo
Thursday 12 October – Public Holiday in Spain, Día de la Hispanidad
Tuesday 24 October – local bank holiday in Santa Lucía, Festividad de San Rafael
Wednesday 1 November – Public Holiday in Spain – Todos los Santos, All Saints’ Day
Friday 17 November – local bank holiday in Telde – Festividad de San Gregorio Taumaturgo


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AEMET, the Spanish State Meteorological Agency is predicting highs of 30º in the southern tourist areas, warmer in direct sunlight, and a similar weekend is forecast for La Aldea, with daytime highs of 28-30º in the shade expected.  The capital, and the north of the island, will see some cloud cover, with temperatures expected to reach at least 27º for the weekend. Current predictions put temperatures over 25º for the whole island, not too bad for September or any type of adventure. Some cloud cover is expected above Gran Canaria as the weekend progresses.




The Canary Guide

#WeekendTips 8-10 September 2023


‘Fiestas del Pino’, The Festivities in Honour of Nuestra Señora del Pino (Our Lady of the Pine), the Marian patron of the island of Gran Canaria in Teror celebrated until 30 September 2023.

The main festive days are from this weekend. Friday, 8 September is also a bank holiday on Gran Canaria.

“Probably the biggest and most important of the religious festivals on Gran Canaria, these events essentially mark the end of summertime and celebrate the harvests as well as heralding a change in the winds bringing a more autumnal feel, in particular, to the many northern mountain towns which represent much of the post-colonial, and agricultural history of the island and its traditions.”

“Whenever there is a major Patron Saint festivity taking place it also often means road closures and parking restrictions in the area”



Friday, 8 September:
Eucharist in the church at 06:00/00:70/08:00/09:00/10:00/17.30
at 11:00 The official reception of the authorities and the representatives of His Majesty the King and the president of the Canary government at Calle Real at Plaza.
at 12:00 Solemne Eucaristía in Basílica del Pino.
at 13:00 Procession with the image of Lady of the Pine through the streets of Teror, accompanied by Banda de Música de Teror. The parade includes The Canary Light Infantry Regiment No. 50. This is a military procession not to be missed.
at 21:00 Concert by Víctor Manuel ‘La Vida en canciones’ at Plaza de Sintes.

Saturday, 9 September:
10:00-19:00 Artisans craft Fair with around 20 local artists on Plaza del Pino
at 21:00 Concert for the youth and young adults with May and Ricky, Wos Las Palmas, Alen GC, DJ Day, DJ Tony Bob and DJ Promaster at Plaza de Sintes.


Sunday, 10 SeptemberDía de las Marías, Fiesta Patronal de la Villa Mariana de Teror.
Eucharist in the church at 08:00/09:30/11:00/12.00

09:00-15:00 Artisans’ Craft Fair on Calle Real de la Plaza. 
at 9:30 Mass broadcast live by TVE-2 from the Basilica del Pino for all of Spain.
at 13:00 Solemn eucharist – Basílica del Pino.
at 14:00 Day time street party with orchestra Star Music and DJ Abián Reyes on Plaza de Sintes.
at 18:30 Holy Rosary and Novena prayers in Basílica del Pino.
at 19:00 Eucharist  ‘Día de las Marías’ in Basílica del Pino.
at 20:00 Maria Procession, accompanied by Banda de Música de Teror.
at 20:30 Fireworks display of Día de Las Marías.


The Virgin of the Pine is more than a reference for Gran Canaria, it is central to the Marian tradition to which for nearly five centuries the inhabitants of Gran Canaria have entrusted, through prayer and pilgrimage, their hopes and deepest longings. It forms part of their history well beyond its religious dimensions, however important the latter has been in the evolution of the island’s culture and traditions.

Teror is a fundamental element in the Marian cult of the Virgin of the Pine. It is the most important festivity in the municipality of Teror and indeed on the island as a whole.

The Virgin of the Pine was canonically crowned in 1905, and in 1914 was declared Patron of the Eastern Canarian Diocese by Pope Pius X. There are different opinions and hypotheses on the first apparition of the Virgin of the Pines dating back to 1481. It is believed that there used to be a prehispanic sanctuary in the forests of Teror and that this became the basis of the later Christian Marian devotion.

The history of this celebration dates from the 16th century, when the statue of the Virgin would be transported to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in order to perform rogations (special prayers) for rain. The pilgrimages on 8th September started at the beginning of the 18th century, with the number of the faithful increasing to such an extent that women were forbidden from entering the main chapel, although this was later revoked. At present tradition dictates that pilgrims travel to Teror on foot during the night between 7th and 8th September.


The western-most town of La Aldea de San Nicolás celebrates their Patron Saint’s festivities in honour of San Nicolás de Tolentino between 1-30 September 2023, with events taking place during the month of August.

Some of the season’s most popular and anticipated events include El Charco, the Romería pilgrimage, the Bajada de La Rama, the livestock fair, and the El Charco Music Festival.

The main days of festivities are 9-11 September and Monday, 11 September is also a local bank holiday in the municipality. 

“When there is a major Patron Saint celebration taking place it also means road closures and parking restrictions in the area”


at 23:30 “Noche de Salsa”, a tribute to Celia Cruz and Óscar D´León at Plaza La Alameda 🎤



• Livestock fair from 10:30 on Avenida de San Nicolás featuring goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, dogs, and then some, accompanied by local products, children’s activities, and Canarian music.

Bajada de La Rama, lowering of the branch at 17:00 from Almacén de Los Picos to Plaza de la Rama in Barranquillo Hondo, a prehispanic peculiarity handed down from the Canarian aborigines, who came from the mountains to the sea carrying tree branches, in summer and times of drought, to pray for rain.

This will be followed by a late-night party from 23:30 with the orchestra Armonía Show and Star Music at Plaza Proyecto Desarrollo Comunitario.

A Fireworks exhibition will be at midnight at the back of the football field.



Diana Floreada in the morning from 06:30 on the streets of the municipality. There is a mass and a blessing at 07:00 at the Parish of San Nicolás.
at 11:00 Eucharist at the Parish of San Nicolás followed by a procession from the Parish.

• at 18:00 Romería Ofrenda a San Nicolás de Tolentino, a pilgrimage offering in honour of San Nicolás de Tolentino from Almacén de Los Picos to Plaza La Alameda.

at 22:30 Baile de Cuerdas (dancing) and music at La Alameda and a popular party with orchestras at midnight at Plaza Proyecto Desarrollo Comunitario.


• At 09:00 masses of people start to gather at La Alameda and at 10:00 walk towards the famous El Charco. Dancing and music by the harbour from the Banda de Agaete at 12:00, and a meeting of music groups from 14:00 at the Parque Rubén Díaz.

Pesca de La Lisa “El Charco” starts at 17:00. At the cry of YA! “Now!” and with the firing of a rocket flare into the air, thousands of people carrying baskets will all enter the large brackish pond by this beautiful cobble beach, to try and catch themselves a slippery, spiny loach fish 🐟 with their bare hands. A spectacle in itself. 

• Later that evening the El Charco- gala at 21:00 will be held at Plaza Proyecto Desarrollo Comunitario.



The Festivities of the Virgen del Socorro, Fiestas en Honor a Nuestra Señora del Socorro, the patron of Tejeda is held in September.  Her image is venerated in the church, which has been named after Her.

This is a gorgeous time to visit, what is officially designated, as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The program this year goes from 1 September until 23 September.


at 20:00 local fashion show by local models and fashionistas, followed by awards from the sporting event Copa Tejeda Trail at Plaza de La Vaguada
at 22:00 performance by Aristides Moreno and 101 Brass Band at Plaza de La Vaguada.
at 23:00 a late night with music by Acuarela to end the day at Plaza de La Vaguada.

at 09:30 Livestock Fair on the ground of the old football field
at 18:00 games for children at Plaza del Socorro
at 21:30 Tribute to Selena at Plaza de La Vaguada
at 23:00 Street party with D-Music and Leyenda Joven at Plaza

at 07:30 Diana Floreada, a lively procession with a music group
at 11:00 Eucharist, followed by a procession through the streets accompanied by the light 50th Infantry Regiment ‘Canarias’




Fiestas del Pino, The Pine Festivities in Arinaga will conclude the summer for another year. The main southeastern coastal town on Gran Canaria, where around 10,000 people live, its population increases considerably during these summer months, with the arrival of occasional visitors eager to enjoy the many attractions of this non-touristy idyll.

Arinaga celebrates this weekend the last events planned within this year’s programming of its Pine Festivals, with two main events. On Friday, September 8, at 21:00, the show ‘Leyendas’, by Pedro Manuel Afonso, one of the most beloved and acclaimed Canarian voices by the general public, will take place in the square.

On Saturday, September 9, the Mareas Vivas festival, designed by and for the young population, will take place on Avenida de Los Pescadores and on the main stage of the square. From 10:00 in the morning there will be workshops, a craft market and music until late into the night, with the final performances by the groups Muelle Viejo and Los 600.

The last of the scheduled cultural activities will take place on Sunday, September 10 at the House of Culture. It will be a tribute to the writer and poet Carmen Rivero, author of the ‘Hymno a la Vará’.


On Friday 8 September:
at 21:00 The show Legends ‘Leyendas’ with Pedro Manuel Afonso at Plaza de Arinaga. Great Latin and classic songs by national and international artists such as Rafael, Nino Bravo, José Luis Perales, Camilo Sesto and Roberto Carlos, among others, await us through one of the best voices in the Canary Islands.


On Saturday 9 September: Festival Mareas Vivas 2023 on Avenida de Los Pescadores.
The event, which has become one of the essential summer events in the municipality of Agüimes, especially for the younger population,  will once again be focused on caring for the environment, with workshops, exhibitions, concerts, and an artisan craft market

Few highlights:
at 10:00 beach clean
at 12:00 artisan craft market
at 12:00 children’s workshops
at 17:30 DJ Anotnio Boada
at 19:30 Kilian Viera
at 20:30 Mel omana
at 22:00 The closing of the festival will take place on the main stage in the Plaza de Arinaga, with performances by the bands Muelle Viejo’ and ‘Los 600’.


“The beach of Arinaga, for the seventh consecutive summer, got its blue flag in again this year, in recognition of its magnificent conditions for bathing, for the quality and cleanliness of its waters and for the services that it has available.” 



The seaside neighbourhood of La Garita in the municipality of Telde are celebrating their patron saint festivities in honour of Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Sacred Heart of Jesus until this Sunday.

On Saturday:
, the pilgrimage offering starting at 20:00
Route: from the tip of Las Salinas – Avenida Las Delicias – Calle Amapola – turning to Calle Azahar Pascua – Orquídea – Crisantemo – Church
at 23:00 Festive street party, verbena

On Sunday:
at 18:00 eucharist, followed by a religious procession at 18:30 accompanied by municipal band of Telde.
Route: from church, turning left to Cale Crisantemo, up via Amadola turning to Calle Azahar, Orquídea, again Crisantemo




The Seafaring festivities in the coastal neighbourhood of Sardina de Gáldar in honour of San Telmo and the Virgen del Carmen


On Friday:
at 21:00 Gala of the festivities in the sport field of Sardnia, followed by a midnight party with the music group Mambo

On Sunday:
10:00-21:00 Comercial Fair “Agüita con la Moda” on Avenida de la Playa de Sardina.



The tiny coastal corner, Playa de Ojos de Garza, on the coast next to the main airport, are celebrating their patron saint’s festivities in honour of Santo Cristo between 1-10 September.

On Sunday:
at 08:00 salt carpets
at 12:00 Mass, followed by a religious procession
at 15:00 lively party with DJ Airam


The biweekly Saturday ‘Mercado Agrícola de Vecindario’ still takes place on the main street at the Plaza de Los Algodoneros (next to the Hotel Avenida de Canarias ) 🍉🌼🥔🥑🍌  Get the best seasonal fruit and vegetables, bread, flowers and much more, straight from the local farmers and producers.

From 08:30 – 13:30 Plaza de Los Algodoneros

“It is also the perfect opportunity to explore the kilometres-long main street of this neighbourhood, Avenida de Canarias.”

Markets in the south of Gran Canaria

• Friday is always market day in Playa de Mogán in the morning. This popular market is in one of the prettiest fishing harbour towns on Gran Canaria, very popular with tourists.

• On Saturday, the Maspalomas market offers all kinds of textiles, Objet dart and other articles, located now in a new venue at Parque Europeo in Playa del Inglés, while the municipal market is being re-built. It is one of the markets most enjoyed among visitors along with Friday’s in Playa de Mogán;
El Mercadillo de Maspalomas is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00.

• On Saturday in Arguineguín, a small second-hand market on Plaza Negra (the marketplace) in the morning 09:00-14:00 with a wide range pre-loved treasures.

• On Sunday, the “rastro” second-hand market, ****The second-hand market now takes place in the Ciudad deportiva de Maspalomas, next to football field 2 and close to Pepe Chiringo and Parque Sur de Maspalomas.

• This Sunday, the biweekly Farmers and Handicraft Fair of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is on again.

The market is held in the urban park of Puerto Rico, just in front of the entrance to Angry Birds Activity Park from 08:30 to 14:30.
This is a small and compact little market and offers something extra to see and do, every other Sunday.




This is a 2000-metre swimming competition between La Laja and the fishing neighbourhood of San Cristóbal this Saturday with the participation of up to 250 athletes.

The test is open to swimmers, women and men, from the age of 16. The start will be set in the sand of La Laja beach at the height of the Torre del Viento, starting at 11:30, and the finish line will be at the San Cristóbal fishing pier. The day will end with different entertainment activities for athletes and for the public who want to share a day that will combine sport with the fishing traditions of this iconic neighbourhood of the Gran Canaria capital.


FOR KIDS! Sustainable and responsible pirates of the Atlantic ☠️ 11:00-13:00
The little ones will also have their day of fun! 🏊‍♂️🐠 The presence of the funniest pirates, who will be in charge of a series of exciting activities:
🎣 They will simulate the launch of a fishing rod, replacing the lead with a tennis ball.
🔄 Recycling games to learn by playing.
🎨 Painting and word searches related to the sea.
🐟 Riddles about the different types of fish in the Canarian marine ecosystem.
Plus, the friendly pirates will teach you how to tie fishing knots, and you can take your design home! 🎨🌟
And for the little ones, there will be an area with pools where they can fish for little plastic fish!

Refreshments and live music 12:30-13:30