This Saturday at approximately 16:52, an emergency near a hotel pool in the Tauro area of Mogán, Gran Canaria was reported involving a male individual who was experiencing a cardiac and respiratory arrest.


Upon receiving the alert, the main Canary Islands 112 Coordinating Centre for Emergencies and Security (CECOES) immediately activated the necessary emergency resources. An off-duty emergency health technician from the Canarian Emergency Service (SUC) confirmed on-site that the affected person was in cardiac and respiratory arrest and initiated resuscitation manoeuvres.

Personnel from SUC and the local health centre continued advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation, successfully restoring the individual’s pulse. Once stabilised, the patient was transported by a medicalised ambulance to a an SUC medicalised helicopter which landed in an open space in Taurito. The individual was then airlifted in critical condition to the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria.

Firefighters ensured the safe landing and takeoff of the helicopter, while the Local Police collaborated with other emergency resources. The presence of a helicopter in the Taurito area today was crucial in swiftly transporting the critically ill individual to receive specialised medical care.