The Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, Mogán, have been investigating two crimes of theft resulting in four arrests announced this week.  The first three detainees were caught red-handed having allegedly stolen booze from a supermarket and the fourth was charged with stealing the wheels from a parked vehicle, all of which happened in Puerto de Mogán over the easter holidays.





€359 worth of booze

A shop worker first reported a group of three people, two men and a woman, who she suspected had stolen numerous products from a local supermarket, and who were, at the time of her call, still in the car park, loading a vehicle to leave.

Uniformed patrols attended the scene, and proceeded to locate and identify the group of people accused, who, it turned out, had numerous supermarket products inside the vehicle without being able to prove purchase for any of them with a receipt.

A search was carried out and in the trunk of the vehicle a large cardboard box, lined with metallic material, was found, suspected to have been used to inhibit the anti-theft alarms at the supermarket, and inside which eighteen bottles of alcoholic beverages were found with the alarms still attached to the necks of the packaging.

The presumed stolen products were assessed to be worth of a total value of €359, the three were placed under investigation. Two of them already had previous police records for similar crimes, and all were charged for the alleged misdemeanour crime of theft.

€460 worth of tires 

In a separate investigation, thanks to collaboration between Guardia Civil investigators and the Mogán Policia Local, an individual was located and investigated for having allegedly stolen three aluminium wheels, along with their tires, directly from a vehicle parked on a street in Puerto de Mogán, during the early hours of the morning of April 1, 2021, at the start of the easter weekend, when the number of people in tourist towns had increased.

After reviewing security recordings of the area, where the theft occurred, valued by the insurer at €460, a van was observed arriving during the curfew hours. From the images, various important characteristics of the van were also obtained, which days later allowed for the identification of its occupants, by Mogán Local Police, who, aware of the investigation, brought these facts to the attention of the Civil Guard.

Once the driver of that vehicle was located, on the afternoon of April 13, 2021 by Guardia Civil investigators, the alleged perpetrator acknowledged the facts and returned the stolen wheels to their rightful owner.