Maspalomas International Carnival is to be held during the summertime, from June 9 to 19 following a meeting this Wednesday morning at the Town Hall. Mayor Concepción Narváez, the Councilor for Events and Celebrations, Francisca Quintana, the president of the Las Palmas Federation of Hospitality Entrepreneurs and Tourism (FEHT), José María Mañaricua alongside the president of the Association of Tourist Accommodation Entrepreneurs (AEAT), Tom Smulders, and Vice President of the FEHT, via videoconference.

The event planned for March 8 to 26 was suspended a few weeks ago due to the complicated rise in infections across the Canary Islands following the arrival of the Ómicron strain. “After health indicators have improved, the Town Council have decided to move the start of the 2022 Carnival events to June 9, with the support of the highest representatives of tourism businessmen” said the mayor.

The Department for Events and Celebrations will now set in motion the follow through on the main point of this morning’s meeting, which was to find balance between the economy and the health of visitors and residents “because it is the responsibility of this institution to offer maximum health guarantees in each event as well as the economic revitalisation of the municipality ” the mayor emphasised.

Narváez indicated that they “wanted to announce the carnival calendar today to inform tour operators, hoteliers and other sectors in advance. As of today I know that they will get to work to promote our 2022 International Carnival around the world. With this, we will all be able to strengthen and continue betting on the resurgence of the economy of the municipality, and of Gran Canaria”.

Regarding why they chose the month of June, the mayor highlighted her “intention to give impetus to and de-seasonalise the month of June, a month qualified as low season for tourism, in order to create dynamics in all economic areas”. The southern town hall, in collaboration with the FEHT and the AEAT, are committed to guaranteeing health security to those who actively participate in the festivities and to visitors so that they can enjoy these ten days of celebration.

The International Carnival of Maspalomas will be held between 9-19 June 2022 and the theme for this year is “La Magia”, Magic 

La Magia Maspalomas Carnaval 2022 (not official)