Gáldar, Gran Canaria – A 35-year-old man identified by the initials J.A.G.T. has been remanded in custody without bail, following his arrest for the fatal axe attack on one man and the serious injuring of another. The attacks occurred in the early hours of last Friday in a residence on Calle Delgado in Gáldar, Gran Canaria. The suspect was ordered to be held in preventive custody by the Court of First Instance and Preliminary Investigation No. 3 in Santa María de Guía.

Image: Gáldar CC A-SA 3.0 Raycojimenezg


The Incident

Authorities were alerted to the situation around 5:00 a.m. last Friday after residents reported hearing loud noises and shouts from a house on Delgado Street. Upon arrival, local police and the Guardia Civil found two individuals on the floor showing significant signs of violence. Both victims were immediately transferred to the Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Doctor Negrín. One of the victims later succumbed to his injuries while the other remains in a critical condition, described as “extremely grave.”

The suspect was apprehended less than an hour after the incident, walking along a street in Gáldar with visible bloodstains on his clothing.

Legal Proceedings

The suspect faces charges of one count of homicide and another count of attempted homicide, as outlined by the Prosecutor’s Office and confirmed by the press office of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC). Details about the case have been sealed by the court.


J.A.G.T. is allegedly no stranger to law enforcement; he has, according to press reports, at least two pending investigations and multiple prior police records, including robbery and violent intimidation. He was recently implicated in an alleged theft at a Christmas market in Gáldar and in another case involving robbery with violence and intimidation.

According to the suspect’s statement in court, he claimed to be under the influence of a mix of drugs and alcohol, leading to a “complete loss of control.” He detailed the consumption of 30 Trankimazin pills, two grams of heroin, three grams of crack cocaine, and 12 beers prior to the events.

The family of the accused had previously requested his admission to a psychiatric center, a matter that had not been resolved by the relevant authorities at the time of the incident.

Community Impact

The shocking events have rattled the northern municipality of Gran Canaria, disrupting the otherwise tranquil atmosphere. Local residents are grappling with the impact of the violent incident as the legal proceedings unfold.

The investigation is ongoing.  The investigating judge has silenced all reporting of the proceedings.