Are there are possible early signs that, for the first time in two weeks, the increase in new infections may have slowed? The latest data from the Canary Islands’ Ministry of Health today seems to suggest that is a possiblity.

Official confirmation over the last 24 hours shows 77 having tested newly positive and one new death, which means there are 1,051 active cases currently throughout the archipelago, of which 60 are hospitalised and 6 remain in the ICU. The number of people who have died in the Canary Islands with Covid 19 rises to 166.

By islands, Gran Canaria once again registers the largest increase with 42 new cases to make an accumulated total of 1,340 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Tenerife has confirmed 19 new cases, bringing their overall total to 1,779 and 7 new cases have been reported on Lanzarote, to total 175 since the crisis began.

It should be noted that sometimes there is a lag in reporting at the weekend, by Tuesday there will be a clearer picture of data accuracy since Friday, and we will all be able to verify whether the rate of new infections may have slowed down or not.

Remember, the data is often a week or two behind real infections, and the confirmed data a day or two behind when the results are first declared.  Everyone is urged to calmly continue to try to bring this under control.

Our tourism industry, our economy and the jobs of countless thousands depends on our being able to spot outbreaks when they occur and react accordingly to ensure they are quickly brought under control.  We will only learn to do this by working together and supporting our medical professionals to keep our hospitals functioning and our society running, while we learn to overcome coronavirus.