Though still in a much more favourable position than most places in Europe, the constant monitoring of infection rates across the islands has shown some reasons for concern, particularly on Lanzarote and potentially Gran Canaria too.

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Coronavirus infections continue to rise in the Canary Islands: this Thursday there have been 357 new cases and four deaths reported, three of them on the island of Tenerife and one on Gran Canaria. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Archipelago has seen an accumulated total of 30,578 infections and 458 deaths.


The benchmark of more than 300 cases per day has been surpassed with 7,743 currently active cases (44 more than yesterday), of which 59 are in an Intensive Care Unit (one less than yesterday) and 306 are hospitalised (17 less than yesterday). The Good News: 22,377 people have now overcome and recovered from the virus.

By islands

Gran Canaria continues to exceed 100 new cases per day, with 127 more today, having accumulated a total of 11,887 since the start of the pandemic, of which 2,002 are currently active, while 9,741 people have overcome the virus and 144 have died.

Lanzarote continues to rise quickly, with 124 new cases over the last 24 hours. The Island has accumulated a total of 2,255 cases, of which 609 are currently active, 1,637 people have been discharged and nine have died.

Fuerteventura, has 1,201 accumulated in total, of which 194 are still active, 1,003 recovered and 4 dead.

Tenerife has accumulated 14,592 cases, 93 more than a day ago, with 4,873 currently active

La Palma has added one new case and recorded a total of 328 accumulated cases, of which 25 are still active.

La Gomera has accumulated 207 new cases, of which 18 are active.

El Hierro has seen 108 accumulated cases having added 2 more, and has 22 cases active.

Currently, the seven day accumulated incidence in the Canary Islands, which measures average new infections per day, has reached 90, while the 14 day rate has risen to 160.91.

So far, 723,467 PCR tests have been carried out since the beginning of the pandemic, of which 36,399 have been positive, which represents 5.03 percent.  Just over the positive percentage rate at which the WHO  advise extreme caution needed.