Image via the PP in Mogán

“This is one of the many expressions that have been used by residents of El Horno neighborhood in recent days when they turn on a tap and get bleach instead of water,” say the opposition Partido Popular (PP) de Mogán on social networks, according to reports from Spanish language news portal “For weeks, the residents of this town in the Arguineguín ravine have been complaining about the amount of chlorine contained in the water supply,” they add.

The opposition party, led locally by councilman Maicol Santana Araña, report that sanitary regulations for water meant for human consumption obliges the supplier, in this case the Ayuntamiento of Mogán, to control and analyse deposits daily as well as network endpoints, a responsibility “which we can not confirm is being fulfilled, since the residents themselves warn us of the lack of presence of personnel in charge of this control”.

They state that “this again demonstrates the disastrous management of the Ciuca-Psoe government group; it is not the first time that this has happened in El Horno and in other areas such as in Barranquillo Andrés, where only two months ago sanitary technicians ordered to emptying of the water deposit to eliminate hyperchlorinated water, which had reached 5 mg/l, when the maximum allowed is 1 mg/l for drinking water. Something similar happened in Arguineguín the week that they supplied water, from a deposit, with a green color due to the mold”.

According to the PP, the residents of El Horno have been informing councilors of these events, who “have diminished their importance”; which is all the more surprising in a day and an age when citizens are able to “communicate, advertise and comment on social networks about everything related to their work, [yet they] have decided to hide and not give explanations about this dangerous deficiency,” say the PP.