First thing, this morning, the sun bed and umbrella service staff were visibly back in action to reactivate the services that have been absent for nearly two years on the beaches of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. 9 sectors have been reactivated, with a total of 1,000 hammocks, distributed as follows: One in Meloneras, three sectors in Maspalomas, four in Playa del Inglés and one on El Cochino beach, near San Agustín. This week the rest of the sectors will continue to be added, to total 23 in all.



To carry out the work of placing the materials for the seasonal service, 3 trucks and a tractor from the coastal cleaning service have been collaborating throughout the morning, along with 41 workers who have rejoined to resume the service.

First deputy mayor, Samuel Henríquez Quintana, said “it is an important event for three fundamental reasons: because we reactivate the essential services for Maspalomas as a tourist destination, because we reactivate a source of constant income for the Town Council, and thirdly, no less importantly, we reinstate the 41 workers who already worked in the service before the pandemic.  Henríquez Quintana announced there would be more innovations to come.

Mayor, Concepción Narváez, highlighted “the importance of restarting the sunbed and umbrella service, due to the state of alarm we had to stop this service, which is so demanded by our tourists and supposes a high economic collection for the municipal coffers. In addition, she wanted to highlight “the importance of removing those 41 people from the ERTE, so it is very positive news both at the tourism level and at the level of job recovery.”

New measures by Covid-19

In recent weeks, complying with health safety measures and protocols, different actions have been carried out in the service. There are new locations, and distribution, of the sectors, to comply with required safety distances, as well as the design of signage that indicates the entrance and exit of the sectors.

The 41 workers, last week, received specific training on protocols to follow for the correct disinfection and cleaning of materials, as well as updating their information on the occupational risks of the job. The Town Council last week received materials supplied by the company Anviana, 20 sprayers and 20 bottles of 100% ecological virucide.

One of the most notable changes in the management of the service is the obligation to pay by card. “With this we avoid contact of money between tourists and the personnel responsible for the service and, in addition, the future will be in which this procedure can be carried out even through a mobile application”, Henríquez Quintana said in conclusion.


Several new beach kiosks have also been placed, declaring Maspalomas open for the springtime.