A bus driver was assaulted in the early hours of this Tuesday morning, February 15, at the Guaguas de Gáldar bus station, in the north of Gran Canaria.



The events are reported to have taken place around 04:38 in the morning, according to the 112 Emergency and Security Coordination Centre (CECOES). Doctors from the Gáldar health centre, located next to the scene of the attack, responded first. “They told me from 112 that there was a person who had been stabbed, right next to the health centre near the bus station. We, in the emergency room, are two doctors. My partner initially went to the station to attend to him. He saw the patient with the knife already stuck [in his side] and they put him in an ambulance to take him to the hospital,” said health worker, Fran Sosa, to COPE Canarias radio.

The knife struck him in a “complicated area, because it is a side area where there are several organs. It is an area where the lung can be punctured, it can touch the spleen, the kidney and even the heart. It is an area with little fatty tissue. He was pretty lucky.” The driver is reported to have undergone a successful operation, after being transferred from the emergency room to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Doctor Negrín University Hospital.

“Many times patients with a knife [wound] have to see where the knife is directed and the tissues or organs that are nearby. It is true that the man arrived quite well, he arrived stable but the knife cannot be moved under any circumstances, because when you remove it you can damage organs, blood vessels…”, he asserted.

The assailant was allegedly hanging around the bus station and had asked several people for money, he went to the victim who refused to give him a euro, according to several sources.

The Civil Guard has opened an investigation to identify the perpetrator.