Tanausú O., was jailed this Tuesday, February 15, by decree of a Telde Investigating Court, after being involved in an altercation with security forces on Monday, having fled in a stolen car, dodged a check point and was pursued on the GC-1 to end up crashing into two Guardia Civil crews on the main highway passing the Las Terrazas Shopping Centre.


The Prosecutor’s Office has announced the perpetrator having been admitted to preventive detention without bail, for prior offences and for the following crimes: driving without a license; reckless driving, driving under the influence of toxic substances, attack on authority and vehicle theft.

There is a separate case related to the death of a minor, that is still under investigation, in which the man is accused of the crimes of reckless homicide, abandoning the scene of an accident, driving without a permit, vehicle theft and false documentation.

The prisoner was on provisional release, after he had entered preventive detention last September 29 for running over a boy in Telde who died, after which he is accused of having fled. Tanausú was in prison until January 13, when he was released on bail after his defence appeal against the provisional arrest warrant was upheld, having spent more than four months in prison. He’s back there tonight.