The main weekend for the Virgen del Carmen festivities lies ahead, celebrating the patron saint of sailors and fisher’ folk, which will see fiestas in many coastal areas of Gran Canaria and in Spain. Saturday is the main festive Day and also a local bank holiday in the municipality of Mogán. You will find many other neighbourhoods on the island celebrating Virgen del Carmen, here below are some of our top picks.

There are also big festivities taking place in Gáldar and Teror. The very best windsurfers in the world have gathered in Pozo Izquierdo with the PWA tour Gran Canaria. The Pet Shop Boys are performing on Saturday at the Gran Canaria Arena. Truly a memorable mid-July weekend ahead!

“Remember that with any major fiesta or mass event going on it also mean some road closures and parking restrictions in the area are likely” 

Upcoming bank holidays:
Saturday, 16 July  Mogán – Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of sailors and fishermen.
Monday, 25 July  Gáldar and San Bartolomé de Tirajana – Festividad de Santiago Apóstol, the patron festivities in honour of Saint James the Apostle.
Tuesday, 26 July  Gáldar – Festivities of Santa Ana



Spanish State Meteorological Agency, AEMET, forecast a weekend with light breezes and sunshine throughout the southern tourist enclaves of Maspalomas and Mogán. Perfect for a beach weekend or running around in your underwear with a squirt gun!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are looking good around the island, so a great weekend for any summer time activity. All in all average daytime temperatures should stay above 25ºC in the shade around the island during the day, though certainly way higher on the southern beaches and particularly in direct sunlight.

Weather forecast by AEMET for the municipality of Mogán

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17-19 July, Mogán
Fiestas del Carmen Arguineguín

The main summer festivities for the southwestern municipality of Mogán, “Fiestas del Carmen” in honour of ‘La Virgen del Carmen’, the patron saint of sailors and fishermen concludes this Sunday in Arguineguín.
Saturday, is also the main feast day for the Virgen del Carmen and a local bank holiday in the municipality.
There is a small funfair on Plaza Negra (aka Plaza del Mercadillo) to enjoy.

On Friday, the traditional Bajada de la Rama, “the lowering of the branch” event occurs, usually attended by all and sundry including a thronging mass of swimsuits and squirtguns. (A quirky, youthful street party, based on a pre-christian throwback to the original natives of these islands, praying for their gods to bring them rain after the hot summer months) Expect dancing in the streets and water EVERYWHERE! From Plaza de Pino Seco at 18:00, heading towards the Arguinguín beach. 
– Concert by Café Quijano at 22:30 on Plaza del Mercadillo
– DJs Jose Viera, Aitor Cruz and Pablo Suabo at 23:30 “Chiringos de música”  on calle Jóse Manuel Santana
Fireworks at midnight

On Saturday, there is a foam party at 15:30 on Plaza de las Marañuelas.
Later, a religious service in the church at 19:30, followed by a land procession with the image of Our Lady of Carmen to the beach of Las Marañuelas.
– ‘Verbenda de Amanecida’, street party starting at 23:30 with the Armonia show and Start Music on Plaza del Mercadillo
– DJs Sammyto and Dsua “Chiringos de música”  street kiosks and music on calle Jóse Manuel Santana from 23:30

On Sunday, the Maritime procession. There is a religious eucharist at the church at 09:00, followed by a pilgrimage promenade to the harbour for the epic Maritime procession to start.  From there, boats will depart escorting the main boat carrying the statue of the Virgen to the bay of El Pajar where the offering will be made. The tour will go to Playa de Mogán to meet its counterpart. The procession then heads back to Arguineguin.

A fun weekend to be in the south


Saturday 16 July, Playa de Mogán
Fiestas del Carmen Playa de Mogán

Playa de Mogán will also have celebrations on Saturday, the main festive day in honour of Virgen del Carmen.

There is a church service on Plaza Dr. Pedro Betancor León at 19:30, followed by a land procession with the image of Virgen del Carmen from the Plaza to the lighthouse, accompanied by the music group ‘Pasión La Aldea.

After the procession the Feria de Gastronomía Marinera, a Seafood Gastromic Fair at the Pier and a street party enlivened by the music group Rio Sol.





15-17 July, Castillo del Romeral
Fiestas del Carmen Castillo del Romeral 2022

After these last two years Castillo del Romeral resume the celebration of Día de Carmen, which will be held from July 15 to 17 with a variety of activities.
In addition, the Festival Commission wanted to recover an activity that became one of the most important in the program of events, the Parranda Marinera, with the participation of several folk groups.


On Friday, the chime of bells at 12:00 announces the start of the festivities. Eucharist at 18:00 for all the sailors and fishermen in the village. At midnight, the chime of bells signifies the start of the feast day.

On Saturday, flower offerings from all the local businesses to the Virgen del Carmen 12:00-12:30. Land procession at 20:00 towards the fishermen guild.

On Sunday, foam party at 12:30

Sunday 17 July, San Bartolomé
Fiesta Blanca Tunte 2022

This festive day is part of the Fiestas Santiago Apóstol celebrated in Tunte between 2-25 July.

This is all about salsa music and dancing, rum, and people dressed in white.

The “White Party”, starting at 15:30 is an event that aims to unite the towns celebrating of Santiago de Tunte and Santiago de Cuba in a musical way. The group “Orillas del Son”, the main musical group of Los Indianos from La Palma Islan, will be in charge of setting the rhythm for this day, together with “Son de Caney”.

Later, in the afternoon, at 20:30, the “Pancho Guerra Soloist Encounter” will start.

If you are coming from Maspalomas, it’s bus number 18.








15-17 July, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Fiestas del Carmen La Isleta 2022

The old quarter for the fishermen of La Isleta, situated on a small peninsula in the capital, celebrates Fiestas del Carmen throughout July.

Friday, will be one of the central days, the eve of the festivities of Carmen, which begin at nine in the morning with the tour of the ‘Diana Floreada’, which will cover the streets Benartemi, Umiaga, Tamarán, Osorio, Artemi Semidán, Faycanes, Menceyes, Malfú, Roque Nublo, Tecén, Tanausú, Romeral and Benartemi.

There is an Artisans’ Craft Fair between 10:00-20:00.
In the evening, a concert by ‘La Trova’ on Benartemi Street at 21:30. After the musical performances, the countdown will begin for the Great Fireworks Show, announcing the Festive day from various points around the neighbourhood at midnight. Immediately afterwards the firework spectacle and the announcing parade will begin, via the roads and streets of Benartemi, Palmar, Majadilla, Angostura, Guadarfía, Palmar, Artemi Semidán, Fontanales, and back to Benartemi.

Saturday 16 July, the main day of festivities. The long-awaited Procession of the Dawn will take place, a popular event of these festivities, which will start at 04:30 through the main streets of the neighbourhood, the forecast being that more than 15,000 people enjoying the route along some of its sections. The streets of the neighbourhood are decorated with hand-made salt carpets of various colours, as a sign of affection for the neighbours and to clothe the patron saint of sailors.

Sunday July 17, A Drag Queen Gala at 21:00, held at the Porto Pí sports facility.

16-17 July, Gáldar
540º Fiestas Mayores de Santiago

The 540th Fiestas Mayores de Santiago de los Caballeros ( Saint James of the Knights) continues until 27 July in Gáldar

On Saturday, the Feast of Our Lady of Carmen, one of the highlights of the Major Festivals arrives with the Pilgrimage offering to Santiago de Los Caballeros starting at 17:30 with its usual route from the Bajada de las Guayarminas to the Plaza de Santiago going through Calle Capitan Quesada. The day concludes with traditional Taifa Dancing with different parties and later the performance of DJ Promaster

On Sunday, at 12:00 noon the III Horse Race will take place in the Bajada de las Guayarminas.

See more information for the Fiestas Mayores de Santiago

16-17 July, Teror
Fiesta del Agua Teror 2022 – Water Festival

Teror celebrates its Water Festival 2022, ‘Fiesta del Agua‘ in honour of the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro Labrador from July 8 to 17 with various traditional acts. The Water Festival is the most important festival in the municipality after the ‘Fiesta del Pino’ celebrated in September.


On Saturday, Romería-Ofrenda at 19:00. The Pilgrimage-Offering in Honour of San Isidro Labrador at 19:00 with the participation of the Teror neighbourhoods, the municipality’s Folk Groups and the El Álamo dance group. the route is from Paseo González Díaz to Plaza de Sintes.

Afterwards, Taifa dancing and Water festival street party with the Parranda de Teror and the participation of Paco Guedes and the Panamaribe Orchestra on Plaza de Sintes after the Pilgrimage.

-Teror hosts, the 12th ‘El Pino’ Weightlifting Championship, which will take place in the Plaza de Sintes from 10:00 to 15:00 with the participation of about 70 children and young people.
On Sunday, the Livestock Show from 10:00, at the parking of the Municipal Offices with a performance by Raúl el Timplista, the Los Guayres del Palmar Folk Group. There will be livestock activities like threshing, use of the plow, donkey rides, goat milking, sheep shearing, cart rides, bird exhibition of the Norwich Association, and the participation of the La Campera Association, for the recovery of the Canarian hen. Children’s workshops and exhibition of Canarian crafts.
There is a religious service in honour of San Isidro Labrador at the Basílica del Pino at 12:00. And then the cattle and livestock parade accompanied by the Isleña Band, with the best specimens of all categories and breeds on Calle Real and Plaza Ntra. Sra. del Pino, starting at 13:45.




15-17 July, Santa Lucía
Gran Canaria Windsurf World Cup 2022

The Windsurf World Cup competition continues until this Sunday. The beach of Pozo Izquierdo in the municipality of Santa Lucía, one of the best spots on the planet to practice windsurf, is hosting the third racing event on the 2022 #PWAworldtour calendar and the second on waves between 9-17 July.

Competitions each day between 10:00-18:00

Extra activities as well as music performances .

“Pozo’s most famous daughters, Daida and Iballa Moreno (aka The Moreno Twins) have organised the event since 2012. Now taking over from the twins will be none other than multiple World Champion, Björn Dunkerbec.”




is always market day in Playa de Mogán in the morning. This popular market is in one of the prettiest fishing harbour towns on Gran Canaria, very popular with tourists.

On Saturday San Fernando de Maspalomas market offers all kinds of textiles, Objet dart and other articles, outside the Municipal Market, located on Avenida Alejandro del Castillo, with bargains for bargain hunters. It is one of the markets most enjoyed among visitors along with Friday’s in Playa de Mogán;
El Mercadillo de Maspalomas, the main ‘Maspalomas market’  is on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00.

On Sunday, the “rastro” second-hand market, is on from 08:00 to 14:00 in the main carpark of the Municipal Market, in San Fernando.


Saturday 16 July, Vecindario
Mercado Agrícola de Vecindario

The biweekly Saturday Agricultural Market in Vecindario takes place on the main street at the Plaza de Los Algodoneros (next to the Hotel Avenida de Canarias ) 🍉🌼🥔🥑🍌  Get the best seasonal fruit and vegetables, bread, flowers and much more, straight from the local farmers and producers.

From 08:30 – 13:30 Plaza de Los Algodoneros


“It is also the perfect opportunity to explore the kilometres-long main street of this neighbourhood, Avenida de Canarias.”

15-17 July, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Canteras Street Market

“Canteras Street Market” trade fair is on until this Sunday on Avenida de las Canteras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, from calle Tenerife up to calle Padre Cueto.
The fair is open every day from 10:00 to 20:00 with a total of 70 stalls and where you will find fashion, accessories, literature, decoration, food, cosmetics, perfumes, crafts, toys, jewellery, antiques, swimwear, sportswear and much more.

The Puerto Canteras Open Commercial Zone (ZCA) puts on offer the natural attractions of the area, enhanced by various items sold in a pleasant environment. This forms part of a revitalisation plan, within the commercial area marking the start of a street sales campaign.





Pet shop Boys “Dreamworld: The Greatest Hits Live” tour in Gran Canaria Arena, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Saturday, 16 July 2022 

Pet Shop Boys (Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe) are the most successful duo in UK music history.

Since signing with Parlophone Records in 1985, they have achieved 42 Top 30 singles in the UK, including 22 Top 10 hits and four number ones.

They have released 13 studio albums, all of which have been in the UK Top 10, as well as on album charts around the world. In their live shows over the past 30 years, the Pet Shop Boys have created an original and influential style of pop musical theatre, collaborating with directors, designers and artists such as Derek Jarman, David Alden and David Fielding of the English National Opera, Zaha Hadid , Sam Taylor-Wood and Es Devlin.

They will arrive in the Canary Islands presenting their DREAMWORLD tour where they will review their greatest hits.

Tickets start at €49. Reserve tickets from




Mogan Mall Circus Cabaret on Saturday 16 July, Mogan Mall

Mogan Mall is having a festive day with lively circus cabaret street parades at 19:30,

and of course, there is the fountain show at 21:30.





The astounding US Rock sensation, now a local star on Gran Canaria, playing out to an international audience and live across the airwaves.

On Friday at Nirvana Bar in Arguineguín, Ancora Centre at 21:00
On Saturday at  Rockabella – Playa del Inglés 18:00-21:00 and later at the Shamrock at 22:30
On Sunday at The Shamrock in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria at 22:30

Hard Rock Cafe Gran Canaria –  Playa del Inglés

Live music from 21:00

On Friday Queen Tribute by Miracle Band

On Saturday U2 Tribute by Crossfire Bank

Online booking —>





The International Jazz Festival in Santa Brígida on Saturday 15 July 2022

The International Jazz Festival is turning Santa Brígida into a showcase for the great masters of the genre🎷🎺.

This Saturday, July 15, starting at 20:30 in the Municipal Park, with Kadri Voorand In Duo with Minkel Mälgand and Ben Wendel Quartet.

Free entry until seats full.






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