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Gran Canaria Alert Level 2 – Basic DOs and DON’Ts

Gran Canaria Alert Level 2 – Basic DOs and DON’Ts

The Canary Islands Ministry of Health agreed this Sunday, February 21, to, as of Monday, return the island of Tenerife, following just one week at level 1, back to Alert level 2, relaxing restrictions on Gran Canaria down from weeks at Alert Level 3 also to this same Alert Level 2, while El Hierro and Fuerteventura go to Level 1. The islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa remain unchanged, at level 4, and La Palma and La Gomera remain at Level 1.  We’ve gathered togethers some of the most important DOs and DON’Ts for you below.

Some of the biggest changes for Gran Canaria in its move down to Alert Level 2 are that indoor sports facilities can open once again, as well as recreational parks and children’s play areas. Travel restrictions are also lifted and municipal markets can re-open.


    • CURFEW 11pm – 6am
      Citizens are not permitted to move around in public at all between the hours of 23:00 and 06:00.
      – Exception : “justified trips”, such as for work, or going to buy essential items or medicine, or visiting healthcare facilities, and of course emergencies, including veterinarian care.
      Get togethers are limited, in both public and private spaces to 6 people.
      Exception : in the case of cohabitants, larger groups are allowed so long as everyone lives in the same accommodation/house/apartment. If a group includes both cohabiting and non-cohabiting people, it cannot exceed 6 people.
      Hospitality establishments must close before 11pm. Outdoor service no more than 75% capacity, with a maximum of 6 people per table. Indoor service no more than 50% capacity and with a maximum authorised of 2 people at the bar, with a safety distance between them of 2 meters. You must wear a mask whenever leaving your table.

      On terraces or in other outdoor spaces, dependent on the establishment, any activities deemed to not encourage the maintaining of interpersonal safety distances or not wearing masks, such as dancing, karaoke, etc. are prohibited.
      Indoor and outdoor activities are permitted. In the open air, sports are allowed in groups of maximum 6 people, including a monitor, if the interpersonal safety distance of 2 meters cannot be maintained permanently. Non-professional federated sports activity is allowed in modalities where more than 10 people can play up to the maximum necessary for the development of the activity.
      Public transport remains limited to carrying 50% passenger capacity.
      Visits to hospitals and social health centres are limited, at the discretion of and under the supervision of the centre. In addition, the use of FFP2-type masks and face shields is recommended by personnel who have direct contact with patients in these centres, as well as reinforcing ventilation.

    • TRAVEL
      No travel restrictions
  • And of course everyone is expected to continue to maintain interpersonal distances of at least 2m, keep their hands clean and wear an appropriate face mask in all public spaces.

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