A truck driver had a nasty surprise when he ended up doing a wheelie in the northern Gran Canaria town of Montaña Alta, in the municipality of Guía, after trying to transport a large tube that was twice as long his vehicle, and was arrested shortly afterwards having tested positive for alcohol.



After having initial difficulties climbing a hill, which were caught on video, the truck continued on its way towards Caideros, but was intercepted by the Policia Local of Santa María de Guía. The driver, according to the sources, had ignored the instructions of the agents before he then collided with their patrol car, causing significant damage to the rear end. For this reason, in addition to having consumed alcohol, he was arrested for an attack on authority.

The tube protruded several meters from the rear of the Toyota Dyna truck. The driver also caused damage to the asphalt and the pavements of the Montaña Alta square.

Under Spanish road laws a load, properly carried, cannot protrude more than 10-15% greater than the length of the vehicle carrying it. This chap clearly requires some more training.