Firefighters have been working during the early afternoon of this Wednesday, June 8, to extinguish a scrubland fire in an area of ​​Las Mesas and Los Giles, within the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, not far from the capital.


The fire affected a grassy area with dry weeds and had nowhere to spread. Aerial means were deployed to extinguish the flames, which were declared under control less than two hours later. District Units of the Local Police of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria collaborated with firefighters and coordinators.

The Cabildo’s Twitter account issued an early statement saying “An fire has been declared in Las Mesas, municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It affects grassland and has no potential. The means of extinction are already acting.”

Following up shortly after with news that it had been controlled adding “It has affected an area of 240m2 of low scrub (prickly pear, pita and spurge) and a pine.”

This is the second fire in as many days, following warnings yesterday of tinderbox conditions and rising temperatures across Gran Canaria, after a fire was declared in the mountain municipality of San Mateo, near a place known as ​​Pozo de La Bodeguilla, not far from Santa Brígida.

The scrub fire there was tackled by two helicopters and members of the Cabildo’s Environmental teams, Firefighters and Policia Local from Santa Brígida, as well as Guardia Civil who acted immediately to bring the blaze under control.

Members of the public are being reminded to remain vigilant, and to avoid lighting any fires while the current conditions persist.