Emergency services of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria managed yesterday to bring a fire declared in morning, Thursday 2 August,  in the Barranco del Moreno, under control in the mountain area of Cazadores – La Pasadilla, which in the end affected some 2.5 hectares of pasture land, scrub ground and fruit trees.

The Cecopin Operations Centre for Insular Coordination received an alert from the CECOES 112 Emergency Services Coordination Centre at 7:23 on  Thursday morning, at which time a fire fighting operation was activated. The meteorological conditions at the time presented a real risk of the fire spreading with intense gusts of wind leading to the fire crossing the GC-120 road at about 07.45. By 09.55 a stable perimeter had been established. From 10.00, the winds reduced in strength and facilitated the necessary control tasks. By 11.18, the fire was under control, although extinguishing equipment remained in the area performing cooling and refreshing procedures, with special attention to the left flank, to avoid any reactivation.

photo : Cabildo de Gran Canaria

Involved in the operation were the Heliport PH1 unit of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, a PRESA team, two BRAVO teams, an Environmental Patrol, Environmental Agents, fire fighters of the Emergency Consortium´s Telde and Arinaga parks, an AH31 helicopter transport unit from the Government of the Canary Islands, members of Civil Protection of Valsequillo and Ingenio, Policia local of Ingenio, Guardia civil and Policia Nacional.

The Cabildo´s Forest Fire Investigation Brigade (BRIIF) have already begun an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

Citizen collaboration is of vital importance to add to the actions that the Cabildo de Gran Canaria´s Environment department carries out during the summer to prevent forest fires and, if they occur, work to ensure they generate the least possible damage to the environment and people.

The Island Cabildo has reiterated the need to take extreme precautions, avoid all types of agricultural burning at this time of the year and immediately notify the emergency services in case any anomaly is detected.