The third edition of the Mogán Avocado Fair was presented on Monday by the mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, and her councilor for Rural Development, Ernesto Hernández; to be held on December 3 at the Plaza Pérez Galdós in Arguineguín. The event was also attended by Councilors Grimanesa Pérez and Pino González and representatives of the sponsors, Caja Siete, together with the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

The mayor thanked the Ministry of Agriculture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and Caja Siete for their support and collaboration.

Mogán’s Winter Avocado Fair will be next Sunday, December 3, following on from the two previous and successful editions at which tons of locally grown avocados were sold – more than 5,000 kilos of the fruit were sold in the last edition alone. From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 3, the third edition of a fair will be held “to offer a high quality sample of the best and most varied avocados grown in Mogán from the hands of their producers and farmers” said Bueno.

Bueno encouraged “all citizens of Gran Canaria to [get to] know the riches of Mogán avocados, taking the opportunity at the next fair to purchase this delicacy of our municipality [and] to use it at your table for Christmas Eve and Christmas.”

The mayor continued saying that “with this type of event we want to continue promoting the agriculture of the municipality so that it recovers relevance. For this [council] agriculture has a great impact, exceeding an investment of €100,000 annually. Thus, we invest in the prominence of agriculture with the different fairs that are being presented and with the training courses that are carried out periodically”.

Councilor for Rural Development, Ernesto Hernández, stressed that “this year we will dedicate a weekend of activities’ with an avocado flavor. Thus, in addition to the Fair itself, on Friday December 1, we will organize a Night of Wines and Tapas, repeating the format already used at other fairs, in which we will have several wineries on Gran Canaria and restaurateurs of Mogán, who will each have at least one tapa with avocado as the main element”.

“On Saturday, December 2, activities and children’s workshops will introduce the avocado fruit and its cultivation to the little ones”, added Hernández.

The councilor continued saying that “although the production of avocados this year is lower than last year, we hope to have a good representation of the different varieties grown in the municipality at the Fair. Also, we will take advantage of the space to raise all the produce of the primary sector in Mogán that we will have on those dates, showing and putting on sale [everything] from olives to a multitude of fruits such as mangoes and papayas from the producers of Moganeros”.

17 producers will take part – four of these producers’ associations – will exhibit and make known not only their avocados, but also other products grown in Mogán, such as mangos, papayas, guava, bananas or oranges.

The event is focused on an agricultural fair format, where visitors can visit the stalls and learn first-hand the reality, quality and importance of avocado farming in the municipality of Mogán. The Fair will have several zones where farmers and producers will be located.

Another area will be the gastronomic area, where visitors can taste different dishes made from avocado. To this end, there will be collaboration from restaurateurs and professionals in the sector with stalls that will include artisanal ice cream, juices, breads, crepes and cane sugar cane.

The quality and variety of moganero avocado is exceptional and recognized by consumers who know the origin of the fruit. In Mogán, all the main commercial avocado varieties are currently produced, which can be found in the markets today. Among these varieties at the fair will be the strong, the pínkerton or the hass and, to a lesser extent, other varieties such as Antilleans or hybrids.

Source: La III Feria del Aguacate de Invierno llegará a Arguineguín el próximo 3 diciembre