A grand set of events for the weekend ahead, and over days that follow, with two of the most popular traditional annual celebrations on Gran Canaria happening back to back. AEMET, the Spanish meteorological agency, predict highs in the shade of 28º to 30ºC in the south with some cloud cover over the island, particularly to the north, and maximum temperatures ranging from 25º-27ºC in the mountain town of Teror for their weekend over the main fiesta days.

Exceptionally, this edition of weekend tips continues on until Wednesday 11 September due the famous patronal festivities in La Aldea having 3 main days of celebrations from 9-11 September, including the rather epic spectacle of El Charco.

Sunday 8 September is the main date to celebrate the revered patron saint of Gran Canaria. Because the date this year lands on a Sunday, the bank holiday on Gran Canaria has been moved to Monday, so a long weekend planned for many.  Government buildings, banks and most non-tourism oriented shops will be closed. 

The Canary Guide Weekend Tips September 6-11 2019

The Canary Guide to your Bank Holiday Weekend September 6-11 2019

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Posted by TheCanary.TV on Friday, September 6, 2019


The big weekend for the Fiestas del Pino, sees more than 200,000 people heading to the northern mountains to enjoy the Pilgrimage-Offering on Saturday.

This is a major fiesta, held in Teror, in Honour of Nuestra Señora del Pino (Our Lady of the Pine), patron of the island of Gran Canaria. The festival itself dates back to the seventeenth century when the venerated statue of the Virgen del Pino was taken down to the island capital in order to add emphasis to the people’s prayers for rain. By the eighteenth century a pilgrimage had started and became one of the most popular events of the year, and still to this day it remains as one of the main attractions of this religious event steeped in local tradition. The meeting of the faithful and the procession-goers on the road to Teror through the night are now a custom that draws thousands of visitors and residents from across the islands.

On Friday, the XXVIII Encuentro Folclórico de Gran Canaria at Plaza de Sintes from 21:00 With about 10 folkloric music and dance groups meeting and entertaining the audience in the heart of Teror.

On Saturday, Romeria, the pilgrimage offering of the Pine departing at 15:30 from Castañero Gordo to the Plaza de Sintes.

Expect a lot of people and there will be representatives from all the municipalities on Gran Canaria, leading 23 traditional harvest carriages, as well those as from other islands. The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and for the first time this year, a representation of all Teror neighborhoods accompany the main cart. This walk up the mountain is followed by an after party in the plaza with music, dancing etc. as well as fireworks just after midnight.

On Sunday, a solemn mass at 12:00 in the church which is followed by the traditional parade at 13:00 after the reception of the representative of the King, the President of the Canary Government, in the House of the Patrons of the Virgin. The parade includes The Canary Light Infantry Regiment No. 50. This is a military procession not to be missed.


For about two more weeks, the most famous circus in the world is performing under a white big top in Meloneras, just next to ExpoMeloners, with the show, TOTEM, which has been wowing crowds throughout the summer.

TOTEM :  Journey into the Evolution of Mankind

The show follows the human species from our original amphibian state to our ultimate desire to fly. The characters evolve on a stage, evoking a giant turtle, the symbol of origin for many ancient civilisations. TOTEM explores the ties that bind Man to other species, his dreams and his infinite potential.

Tickets available : Cirque du Soleil


Sporting events on Saturday and Sunday on the beach at the famous luxury time share resort Anfi del Mar.

On Saturday, the V Torneo Voley Playa Mixto Anfi del Mar. Mixed categories and the first games starts at 10:00.

On Sunday, Torneo Voley Playa Renault Acromotor Maspalomas. First games starts at 09:00. There are 16 teams in the male category and 12 in the female.


The City of Gáldar, on the north of the island, have organised an official beach cleaning event on Saturday at the beach of Caleta de Abajo.

The activity in collaboration with Buceo Norte and the Latitude Azul Environmental Conservation Association, consists of a shock cleaning action on the beach. In addition, with specialised personnel, they are hosting an awareness activity on the problem of marine pollution and how we can as citizens have an active attitude to contributing to its solution.

The activity will start at 10 in the morning with the conference “Menos es mar”, to begin later with the distribution of the material for the collection. About midday, all the collected garbage will be weighed and its selective separation will proceed. From 13 to 14 the workshop “The last plastic of my life” will be held, to end with a photographic exhibition and lunch.

The meeting point will be at the old dock of Caleta de Abajo at 10 am and citizens over the age of six are invited to participate in this activity that aims to contribute to the reduction of pollution of the Oceans, one of the biggest environmental problems the planet suffers from globally.


This market takes place every fortnight in the facilities of the Cabildo’s Experimental Agricultural Farm, located next to the exit to Arucas from the GC-2, on the north coast of Gran Canaria. Click here for the map location.  The market comprises some 65 exhibitors (farmers and ranchers) who market their produce directly to the consumer, with the aim of lowering costs to the consumer, while increasing profits direct to the farmer.

Fruits?, vegetables ?, cheeses ?, meats ?, fish ?, sweets ?, bread, honey ?, mushrooms ? and many more products directly from the hands of the producer. The market is from 09:00-13:30


On Monday the 9th September, a Cattle Fair at 10:30 on Avenida de San Nicolás.

Bajada de La Rama, lowering of the branch at 17:00 from Almacén de Los Picos, a pre-hispanic peculiarity handed down from the Canarian aboriginals, who came from the mountains to the sea carrying branches from the trees in times of drought to pray for rain. This will be followed by a late night party from 23:30 with the orchestra Armonía Show at Plaza Proyecto Desarrollo Comunitario. A Fireworks exhibition at midnight at the back of the football field.

(This time the town hall  has decided not to use the permit available to collect pine branches from the Summit, wanting to collaborate with the work of extinction and conditioning, while contributing to the regeneration of the Summit. There will be pine branches like every year, but they will be collected from the spaces within the municipality where this type of tree grows and will be distributed to attendees, as always, at the beginning of the dance. Tradition states that La Rama, must be danced carrying pine branches, the essence of the party, which were traditionally collected from the upper parts of the Island. )

On Tuesday, the Diana Floreada in the morning from 6:30 on the streets of the municipality. There will be a mass and a blessing at 07:00, at 11:00 Eucharist at the Parish of San Nicolás followed by a procession from the Parish.

The Romería Ofrenda a San Nicolás de Tolentino, pilgrimage offering in honour of San Nicolás de Tolentino is at 18:00 and starts from Almacén de Los Picos. Baile de Cuerdas (dancing) and music from 22:30 at La Alameda and a popular party with live music from 23:30 at Plaza Proyecto Desarrollo Comunitario.

On Wednesday, Día de El Charco. From 09:00 in the morning people start to gather at La Alameda and at 10:00 walk towards the famous El Charco, a brackish pool right by the seashore on the main pebble beach of La Aldea. Dancing and music start at the harbour with the Banda de Agaete from 12:00, and a meeting of music groups starts from 14:00 at the Parque Rubén Díaz.

The main event is the Pesca de La Rica Lisa “El Charco” starts at 17:00.

With a cry of YA! “Now!” and with the firing of a rocket flare starting gun into the air, thousands of people, wearing traditional clothes, and carrying baskets, all enter the large pond on this beautiful cobble beach, to try and catch themselves a slippery, spiny loach fish with their bare hands. A huge spectacle in itself, the event commemorates the pre-hispanic traditional shoreline fishing method, where a channel was cleared between the sea and the pond, allowing fish to enter over the course of a few days and nights, the native Canarios would then put a mixture of local herbs and plants in to the pool, whose barbiturate qualities would make the fish sleepy and docile enough to be caught with the hands…  There will be several thousand people trying to catch fish in the traditional baskets, so if you attend, be prepared to get very splashed. Later that evening the El Charco- gala at 21:00 will be held at Plaza Proyecto Desarrollo Comunitario.



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