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New shopping center Los Alisios opens on 23 November

New shopping center Los Alisios opens on 23 November

A new shopping centre will be open for business this week starting from 23 November, conveniently just before “black Friday”, the manic day when electrical goods are sold at discounts to make space before the seasonal gift buying frenzy begins.

Located in the Tamaraceite commercial area, up on north of the island, where Leroy Merlin opened their second DIY store here back in 2014, as well as sporting goods chain Decathlon last year. The new open air commercial zone has around 60.000m2 to play with and parking places for 2500 cars.

It will include major retail brands shops including Zara, H&M, Oysho, Cortefiel, Kiabi and Esfera, Hiperdino, Mediamarkt, Conforama, Top-of-the-line Movie theater, multiple options for bars and restaurants like Starbucks, Foster Hollywood, McDonald, KFC, Vips Smart and The Good Burger among others.


Gran Canaria: New Centro Comercial Alisios

The New Centro Comercial Alisios due to open this week

Posted by TheCanary.TV on Monday, November 20, 2017

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  1. vito

    Everything but the most important ! WHERE is it ??On which island ???
    WHY we should serach now for taramaceite ,when you should say just at the beginning,WHERE is this all????

    • The Canary

      Of course it is your choice whether to search for a place on google maps after we tell you the name of it, we don’t usually offer directions, that is a job for google maps. Our apologies if you find that strenuous.