The Guardia Civil have requested information and assistance, through their twitter account with more than one million followers, in resolving the disappearance of a 17-year-old girl on Gran Canaria.

The Guardia Civil tweeted to their 1.1 million followers, for help yesterday afternoon, to find Irene Ramos, a 17-year-old living in the district of Pedro Hidalgo, whose whereabouts have been unknown since last 7 November.


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Tu RT no cuesta nada y puede ayudar mucho

Araceli Cruz, the mother of the girl, publicly reported her daughter missing last week after ten days without having heard anything from her. She left her home on November 7 and since then no one seems to know where she went.

Early reports indicated that she had left with an unknown man.

The mother reported that Irene is 1.5 meters tall, and was last seen wearing a black jacket, beige tracksuit and blue shirt . She said that she has tried to contact her child, but she has her cell phone turned off.

Irene’s family ask that any person who has knowledge about the situation of this missing minor contact the National Police through the telephone number 091 or 112 (multilingual).