The Canary Islands Government spokesperson, Julio Pérez, has confirmed that the Regional Community’s understanding of the national law published on Tuesday, in Spains Official State Gazette, known as the BOE, does allow each community to continue to regulate the use of masks according to their own specific circumstances. “The change in the wording of the law obliges the use of the mask, but attends to exceptions by communities, and the Canary Islands have specific guidelines,” ​​said Pérez. 

Confusion was caused on Tuesday when several tabloid publications were too quick to interpret a newly published law that appeared in Spain’s Official State Gazette (BOE) formalising laws that have been already in force since summer 2020.  The Canary Islands President this morning urged “common sense” before meeting to confirm that there are no major changes to rules around masks


Pérez explained that at the end of the Governing Council meeting, the rules on masks in open spaces are to be maintained as indicated in the BOE published yesterday, although the exceptions for the Canary Islands are maintained, in terms of mask use on beaches, in force since last summer. The exceptions in the use of a mask, that have been in force throughout the Canary Islands until now, are maintained, that is to say, it is not necessary to wear a mask for swimming or sunbathing, as long as there is a minimum safety distance between non-co-habitants

Spokesperson, Julio Perez

“Except what is agreed by the Government of the Canary Islands, although we do not want to give a message of relaxation of the rules. It is not about having to swim with a mask, but wearing one when the guidelines demand it. On the beach you have to wear a mask, with exceptions, but maintaining the guidelines” Perez clarified.

Furthermore, the Government has agreed not to vary the current mask rules. Pérez explained today during his appearance to analyse the situation in the archipelago at the start of easter Holy Week, after the Government Council held this Thursday, will take into account the evolution of epidemiological data on the islands over recent days, the new regulations published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) and the Inter-territorial Council of Autonomous Communities a held this morning with the Ministry of Health.

The Government has agreed not to vary the current restrictions, nor to modify the current levels set for each island. Pérez confirmed the restrictions agreed last week for Easter, asking the population to be responsible for continuing to fight against the pandemic.