Several news outlets are reporting a more than five meter tall Canarian palm tree having fallen on to high voltage power lines, causing a fire, in the Barranco de Mogán ravine, near El Cercado, which prevented residents of agricultural farms from accessing or leaving their properties. The ‘phoenix canariensis’ fell at around 6:00pm onto power cables causing three separate outbreaks of fire.

The area has a lot of dry vegetation, bushes and reed beds, which caught fire, although thanks to the rapid intervention of fire crews and security personnel, ​​just over 150 square meters was affected, however worse consequences were prevented, stopping the fires reaching a large area of ​​the ravine with several farms in the vicinity.

The area, ​​difficult to access, required the deployment of an Environmental Service (GES) helicopter, which unloaded water over the blaze, in addition to Firefighters on the ground from the Emergency Consortium, in Motor Grande; land troops from the Environment Service, Civil Protection and the Local Police.

Personnel from Mogán’s municipal Department of Parks and Gardens used a tractor to remove the palm tree and to clear the affected area.

All in all a very successful response from first responders, local services and municipal workers.