San Bartolomé de Tirajana Policia Local and Policia Canaria, on Sunday morning, had to enforce the closure of Heaven nightclub, in the Yumbo shopping and leisure centre, Playa del Inglés, where clients were still being served at dawn despite Level 4 restrictions temporarily meaning all nightlife is supposed to close by midnight.

Policia Canaria agents forced customers inside the establishment to leave it at around 6am, it is not yet clear if any fines or charges were issued.

The Canary Islands Government currently have Gran Canaria declared at Health Alert Level 4, with extraordinary measures meaning that leisure and restaurant businesses must close at 00:00, the management must enforce capacity controls, and it is mandatory for all clients and staff to be able to show their Covid-19 status (vaccinated / recovered / or recently tested) using the Covid Certificate framework.

Several businesses have been identified by Yumbo centre sources as repeatedly ignoring Covid restrictions, or failing to observe measures, over the course of the last few weeks and months.  Local business owners who follow the prevention measures properly complain that not only do these business have an unfair advantage, and confuse clientele as to the actual rules in force, but that the local town hall and police are doing very little to enforce regulations.

Meanwhile many bar owners across the south say they are thoroughly exasperated by the constantly changing rules, with many complaining that they simply do not have staff capable of checking covid certificates effectively, and some even quote their opposition to what they see as an infringement of fundamental rights to be demanding accreditations from their clients.  This has led to a situation where the bars and restaurants of several resort areas are simply ignoring the current restrictions, preferring to stay open and risk fines, rather than trying to keep up with the latest requirements. would love to hear your experience: Message us on or WhatsApp +34 6432 76 724 or call 928 987 988