car abandoned beneath GC500This crashed car abandoned beneath GC500, the old national road that connects Vecindario on the southeast of Gran Canaria to Puerto de Mogán on the southwest, was reportedly  found “parked” this morning under the roundabout between the Parque Sur Maspalomas and the Holiday World theme park.  First reports say the occupants simply stepped out of the vehicle and left the scene, with no evidence of any emergency services having been called.  Questions are now being asked as to whether the vehicle was stolen, or indeed rolled down the hill by its owner, who presumably will be speaking to the authorities today.


Further information is being sought as to what exactly led to the Seat Altea having left the highway and falling into the central subway passage that crosses beneath the old national road.  The GC500 itself is a dual carriageway, where the speed limit is 40km an hour approaching this roundabout, however it seems likely that who ever was driving was not paying attention. It is well known that many drivers exceed the speed limit along this section of road, and if it were not for the high speed warning bumps, large signs and big red flashing signals, it would be quite easy to misjudge the appropriate velocity.  From the photographs it is not obvious which direction they had been travelling from.

car abandoned beneath GC500We’ll update this as and when we get more information.  Local officials are currently trying to track down the occupants of the vehicle, presumably to ask them some pertinent questions about their evening last night, the state of the driver and the speed at which the vehicle was travelling, when they manage to leave the road altogether, and roll the car down a hill before blocking the pedestrian walkway, then leaving the car abandoned beneath the GC500.

Runners, dog walkers and other pedestrians no doubt will have had fun this morning photographing the unusual incident, which by the looks of things will require a heavy crane to remedy. we expect to see a few more images posted to social networks.

Had they only managed to carry on 100m more they would have found themselves at one of the most spacious car parks in all of Maspalomas, underneath the Holiday World family theme park, who offer a much more thrilling, and less expensive, experience for kids of all ages.

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