Chambermaid making bed in hotel room

The Civil Guard at the Main Post of Puerto Rico -Mogán (Gran Canaria) detained a hotel maid on the south of the island last July 5 accused of two crimes of robbery with force, having used a false key to enter two rooms and steal €300, watches and jewelry worth 2,400 pounds sterling.

In a statement, the “Benemérita” (Guardia Civil) explained that the investigation began in the middle of last year, 2017, in collaboration with the hotel after there had been several reports of theft from inside some rooms.

The procedure allegedly used by the detainee consisted in switching at least one of the customer’s electronic keys for another that looked similar, subsequently accessing the room using the client’s own key to steal possessions.

In this way, access to the room was recorded by the electronic lock as if the client had themselves entered the room and not the alleged thief.

In addition, the woman avoided accessing rooms that were in her work quadrant, only gaining accessing to rooms that her work colleagues cleaned, while she pretended to help them in their work area, where she stole the keys using her own personal key.

The Guardia Civil explained that this fact complicated the investigations since it did not appear in the hotel security records and appeared to manage to link third parties to the crimes, obstructing the police in their investigations.

To clarify the facts it was necessary to analyse numerous pieces of information, such as readings from electronic locks, both in the rooms where the crimes were committed and in other linked rooms, looking at the various staff quadrants of hotel workers, along with analysis and demonstrations of witnesses’ statements, etc. which have now resulted in the arrest of the worker as alleged perpetrator of these crimes.