Guardia Civil have arrested a 21-year-old man, with numerous prior police records, accused of stabbing a bus driver in the early hours of Tuesday morning at the Gáldar municipal bus station, as the driver started his work day.


The Guardia Civil said in a statement that the person, a resident of the area, was suspected of being responsible for the alleged crime of attempted homicide, just before 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, having attacked a bus driver, causing serious injuries, when he had refused to give the man, who was begging, any money.

Subsequently, the alleged aggressor fled on foot from the place to the urban centre of Gáldar, where he was arrested some hours later, while the wounded man was assisted at the scene by members of the SUC and later transferred by ambulance to the Doctor Negrín Hospital de Gran Canaria.

At the scene an investigation conducted by personnel from the Judicial Police Unit of the Las Palmas Command, the Judicial Police Territorial Team and personnel from the Santa María de Guía investigation area and Gáldar Local Police, resulted in the arrest of the alleged perpetrator.

The Organic Unit of the Judicial Police and the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of Santa María de Guía continue with the instruction of the corresponding proceedings that will be delivered together with the detainee to the corresponding courts of Santa María de Guía, added the note.

Meanwhile the mother of the detainee as published a frank and heart-rending message on social media, after various groups began circulating images of her son, and making all sorts of outlandish claims. Heartbroken she extends her sorrow, sympathy and her apologies to the victim and his family, saying that she had repeatedly reported her son for violent behaviour, and that she felt her warnings had been ignored, leaving her to try to keep the young man in the house as much as possible to avoid others being hurt. She makes no excuses for him, and simply hopes that he may now get some of the help he needs, but to her mind he should have been taken off the streets a long time ago, no matter how hard she tried, the authorities could not assist her in dealing with her son.

She is quoted in the Spanish press as saying “Yesterday my world fell [apart] my son almost killed a human being. My son, something that could have been avoided if they had given me alternatives, if they had put him in prison from the first criminal act, but no, gentlemen, it is now that everyone wants to do something. I apologise to that man, to his family, I feel a lot of pain and my son is going to pay for his actions”

“But,” she pleads “stop so many speculations, the aggressor also has a family. I don’t have to share this, it’s something very private that I’ve been suffering for years, but since people have started sharing his photo, I’m not going to justify or take responsibility for their decisions by pointing them out. I do feel obliged to apologise and say “it could have been avoided.”