Graveyard Gran Canaria 1900

All saints’ Day, All Hallows’ Day, Halloween, Todos Los Santos Monday, 31 October 2022 

The 31st of October has long been celebrated here in The Canary Islands. A most traditional celebration where families gather and tell each other stories of family members long departed, ancestors of note, parents, grandparents, and the occasional spooky ghost story. Graveyards extend their opening hours so that families can visit their loved ones. Of course, US influences have seeped in over recent years, but the more traditional Canarians have always seen this as a great opportunity to reconnect with the past and munch on sweet chestnuts, freshly roasted over open fires, as each community gathers together to celebrate mid-autumn and remember their dearly departed.

Whether it is the Christian Fiesta de Todos Los Santos, or the “pagan” Halloween from which it comes, All Saints eve, All Hallows’ Eve, or the Canarian Noche de Finaos, (which leads directly to the Mexican Day of the Dead) or simply the Fiesta de la Castaña (the chestnut) there are plenty of seasonal celebrations going on this Sunday and Monday all around Gran Canaria.

These days it’s a mix of traditions and commercial activities here and if it encourages a night out, many bars and restaurants will do their best to entertain and to frighten so dressing up is ALWAYS encouraged!

There is nothing more traditional to eat here on Monday other than roasted chestnuts, which you will find being offered in the streets of many of the old quarters of the older towns all across the island!

“Tuesday, the 1st of November is also a National bank holiday throughout Spain. Government buildings, offices, and banks will be closed, including some of the Shopping centres and stores,  so good idea to double-check the opening hours before planning a shopping trip.”


Noche de Finaos vs. Halloween on Gran Canaria 2022