The Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health have confirmed the latest accumulated total of 878 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus who have tested positive, as reflected in the report sent to the Ministry of Health at 20:00 hours on Thursday. In total so far 328 people have required hospitalisation and 61 have been placed in ICU. In addition, there have been 20 cases recovered and discharged and 27 deaths. The total number of health personnel in the archipelago with COVID-19 stands at 181. With respect to deaths, the largest group affected has been that of the elderly in their 80s.

So far Tenerife, has counted 586 cases; Gran Canaria 197 cases; La Palma, 39 cases; Fuerteventura, 24 cases; Lanzarote, 23 cases; La Gomera, 6 cases and El Hierro, 3 cases.

Hospital intakes and those in ICU currently looks like this:

Our Lady of La Candelaria University Hospital Hospitalizations: 70 ICU: 24

Canary Islands University Hospital Hospitalizations: 63 ICU: 13

General Hospital of La Palma Hospitalizations: 4 ICU: 4

Hospital Nuestra Señora de Gualdalupe, La Gomera Hospitalizations: 0 ICU: 0

General Hospital of El Hierro Hospitalizations: 1 ICU: 0

Insular Maternal and Child University Hospital Complex Hospitalizations: 48 ICU: 13

University Hospital of Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín Hospitalizations: 51 ICU: 15

Dr. José Molina Orosa Hospital, Lanzarote Hospitalizations: 11 ICU: 3

Fuerteventura General Hospital Hospitalizations: 1 ICU: 0

(*) The statistics made by Public Health are entered into the system through the patient’s health cards and not by their place of hospitalization or health control. In addition, for the unification of data to the Ministry of Health, the statistics are sent at 20:00 the day before their publication. On the other hand, the hospital and area managements send data on the health situation in their competences (hospitalized, ICU, discharge, etc.) that must be contrasted with the previous ones because it is also an open and changing statistic at times. For this reason, there may be some lags in the data.

Source: Canary Islands Government