On Saturday night, March 13, two young French tourists, intoxicated with alcohol, were treated by emergency services having caused multiple collisions along the otherwise quiet Calle de Gran Canaria street, on Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria’s east side.


The spectacular accident caused by drunk driving occurred when the tourists’ vehicle collided with several parked cars. One of the occupants of the car in question banged his head against the windscreen, and had to be treated by ambulance crews after apparently losing a lot of blood, however the boy’s injuries turned out to be less serious than at first feared. Firefighters also had to intervene at the scene.

At least three other parked vehicles and several waste containers located along that same road were damaged

One of the men, a 29 year old, was slightly injured to the face and was assisted by health workers from the SUC Canary Islands Emergency Service, who transferred him by ambulance to the Arguineguín health centre, according to the main 112 Canary Islands Emergency and Security Coordination Centre (CECOES). The CECOES received reports of what happened just after 11 p.m. When the emergency services arrived, on boy had lots of blood from his face, so at first it was thought that his injuries were greater than they turned out to be.

Policia Local attended the scene and collected evidence.

Local campaign groups have not pointed the finger at all French people, nor have they asked for any greater awareness than normal of French tourists around wine, or other intoxicants, nor at any point have they asked for photographs and locations of French drivers, who could be planning any number of multiple collisions, to be privately sent to otherwise law abiding grumble groups, so as to improve security in the holiday hotspot of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, nor should such images be sent to local authorities for further investigation.  In fact Puerto Rico remains as one of the safest holiday destinations on earth. The French are still very welcome. –