An order from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda published in Spain’s Official State Gazette (BOE) this Friday, has designated just five airports through which travellers from outside Spain may now enter the country. These are: Gran Canaria (Las Palmas); Josep Tarradellas Barcelona -El Prat; Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas; Málaga -Costa del Sol; and Palma de Mallorca. The order takes effect this Saturday May 16 and will be remain in force until at least May 24.

The sea ports designated as the only points of entry are Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Barcelona, Bilbao,  Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife, Valencia and Vigo.

These are the only facilities that have been established as entry points, with the capacity to attend public health emergencies of international importance by agreement of the Council of Ministers back in 2014, in compliance with International Health Regulations. Quarantine measures for passengers from abroad must be established for a minimum of 14 days, and all travellers into the country will be required to stay at their homes or hotels for the entirety of two-week period announced earlier this week.

The order, published today, is applicable to passenger flights originating from any airport outside Spanish territory and passenger ships that provide services on regular routes.

“This order adopts specific measures to guarantee that during the process of de-escalation and relaxation of limitations on free movement, the risks of importing cases, that could jeopardise the process initiated, are minimised” states the order published today.

The order is also to be applied to roll-on roll-off ferries and passenger ships that provide regular services on routes originating from any port located outside Spanish territory with passengers other than truck drivers and other road transported merchandise vehicles.

The list of entry points can be modified, so long as it is agreed jointly by the central government and the autonomous community in question, expanding or restricting any of the measures provided for in the order, so as to be able to adapt, as necessary, to the health emergency and developments in each autonomous community, always in accordance with the decisions of Spain’s Minister for Health.

The new restrictions on entering through the designated airports from outside Spain  will not affect State or military aircraft, non-commercial air traffic, exclusive cargos and positional, humanitarian or emergency flights.

The order will not prohibit the landing of sea vessels that exclusively carry cargo, or those that sail for humanitarian, medical, or emergency purposes.

In addition, it has been announced today, the Ministry of Health may promptly authorise entry of aircraft or ships that may be exclusively transporting Spanish citizens or residents of Spain, although, as in all excepted cases, sanitary control measures are to be adopted to avoid risks to the population of Spain.