The number of passengers, who flew each day to and from the peninsula, has decreased dramatically since the state of emergency was declared, from the 10,622 travellers recorded in March 2019, to the 254 current daily average, we are currently seeing a decrease of more than 97%.

The Canary Islands Minister of Public Works, Transport and Housing, Sebastián Franquis, has negotiated new restrictions for airlines on air connections with the peninsula, with the aim of increasing control measures and limiting the expansion of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Daily flights (with Madrid and Barcelona) and will be reduced to just nine connections with 25 weekly flights in each direction. The new proposals negotiated by Franquis also seek to adapt the available flights to the real demand of travellers who have continued to fly in recent weeks.

Until now there were six daily connections (totalling 42 weekly flights in each direction) from Gran Canaria and Tenerife and nine weekly connections (26 flights in each direction in total) to and from the other islands, that is, 68 flights from and to the peninsula each week . With the new restrictions, a reduction of 43 weekly flights per direction with the peninsula is to be applied and the route with Bilbao will no longer covered from next week.

The new proposal from the Government of the Canary Islands has been agreed by Minister Sebastián Franquis with the airlines interested in covering routes between the peninsula and the Canary Islands, a negotiation in which it was also agreed that La Palma airport should be left out of these new arrangements.

The new air connections with the peninsula are from now on:

– 3 weekly flights between Madrid and Gran Canaria.

– 6 weekly flights between Barcelona and Gran Canaria.

– 2 weekly flights between Seville and Gran Canaria.

– 3 weekly flights between Madrid and Tenerife North.

– 5 weekly flights between Barcelona and Tenerife North.

– 3 weekly flights between Seville and Tenerife North.

– 1 weekly flight between Tenerife South and Madrid.

– 1 weekly flight between Madrid and Fuerteventura.

– 1 weekly flight between Madrid and Lanzarote.

The airlines covering these routes will be Iberia Express for all connections with Madrid, and Vueling for flights to Barcelona and Seville. This third company, which covered the route between the Canary Islands and Bilbao, will stop flying to the Biscayan capital next week, once all the tickets that are already sold have been used up.