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Guardia civil interrupts a pool party in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Guardia civil interrupts a pool party in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Agents respond to request from the Mogán Policia Local, after complaints from several citizens.
The crimes are classified as serious and include fines ranging between €601 and €30,000.


The Main Guardia civil Post in the south-western municipality of Mogán have denounced two people, both Italian and resident in Spain, who were participating in a party around the community pool of an apartment complex in the tourist enclave of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, along with others who were also participating in the party but who fled the place.

Mogán Local Police Notice

The intervention began when Polícia Local officers requested support from the Guardia Civil, as they had been notified of a party that was taking place at the community pool of a timeshare complex; arriving at the pool area, at least seven people could be observed sunbathing, boozing and listening to music with total normality, clearly breaching the measures set out in article 7 of Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, which brought into effect the full lock down and the nationwide health emergency.


When agents’ arrived, several of the attendees fled towards their homes, although the agents managed to intercept two people, who were each denounced for infractions: breaching the confinement decreed under the health emergency and for disturbing public order. Agents are continuing with the work to identify the four remaining people who were also at the place.

Both offences, classified as serious in articles 36.6 and 36.3 in Organic Law 4/2015 for Protection of Citizen Security, can invite fines ranging from €601 to €30,000.

The Guardia civil have reminded people that these types of imprudence and malicious actions generate a risk for those who commit them as well as the rest of the population.

The Main Guardia Civil Post in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaira (Mogán), have denounced two people, both Italian and resident…

Posted by TheCanary.TV on Thursday, April 9, 2020

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  1. jan

    With 400 people ill on a population of 400.000, the canary administration should stop the lock down immediately. It is Mal-Administration, mis use of power, it looks like the Franco Era. It is much healthier for people to swim a little in the sea and swimming pool and be on the beach, in stead of staying at home all day.
    Don’t know what the Court will say about mis use of power, keeping people from their freedom without real arguments.