The Canary Islands Government Ministry of Health has this afternoon confirmed an accumulated 1834 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus detected since January 31, 2020*. Over this period, a total of 730 people have required hospitalisation, of which 140 have needed ICU care. In addition, the report confirms 379 accumulated discharges and 92 virus related deaths in that period.

Likewise, say the Ministry, it should be noted that since Monday, March 30, the number of patients who have recovered and been discharged has been higher than the number of deceased. Of the total, 379 confirmed cases of health personnel with COVID-19 are included.

Of cases registered across the islands, 1,196 cases have been detected on Tenerife; 457 on Gran Canaria; 70 on La Palma; 64 on Lanzarote; 37 on Fuerteventura; 7 on La Gomera and 3 on El Hierro.

Deaths: 59 on Tenerife; 4 on La Palma; 0 on La Gomera; 0 on El Hierro; 26 on Gran Canaria; 3 on Lanzarote; 0 in Fuerteventura and 0 on La Graciosa **.

With regard to deaths, the largest group affected continues to be that of the elderly between 80 and 89 years old.

* This data confirms the close of statistics at 20:00 on Wednesday (the night before confirmation) and may differ slightly from the data offered by the Ministry of Health (which stands at 1762) because for the accounting of cases, if the information is not temporarily available at the declaration date, is is not included in this days confirmation.
** This data reflects a screening of the statistical data on the web platform, which are based on health card registrations and declared municipality. So they do not always exactly match those linked here on each island.

Source: Canary Islands Government News Portal